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Suresh “Police” Gopi

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How much time does it take to get out of a police uniform? Apparently as much time as it takes for the Space Shuttle to undock from the International Space Station and land in Florida. This is what happened to Suresh Gopi recently.

Superstar of Malayalam cinema Suresh Gopi is caught in a legal tangle for wearing a police uniform while attending a public function recently to launch community policing in Kerala.An advocate in Kochi filed a criminal petition in a court against Gopi Tuesday, saying he had committed an offence as the Indian Penal Code and the Kerala Police Act bar others from wearing police uniforms in public. Gopi defended his action saying he was shooting for a film in which he acts as a police official and there was no time to change into civilian clothes and attend the function held March 26[Superstar in trouble for wearing police uniform]

As far as we know Police Uniform is not like Karna’s kavacha kundalam which is hard to remove. Even Chanthu did not take much time to undress with all those reams of clothes in Oru Vadakkan Veeragatha. Suresh Gopi probably has worn the police uniform so much that he probably thinks that is his regular dress and forgot. No big deal.

One Comment

  1. It is routine for him to entertain(trouble) people with his police movies. Now he started to entertain people in real life also…God save us..

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