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Mohanlal reads scripts



T.S. Suresh Babu was supposed to direct Mohanlal in the movie Karthika Thirunaal Karthikeyan. Now as a reader who doesn’t know anything about the story of the film, as an exercise in common sense, try to guess what would be the genre just based on three strings: Suresh Babu, Mohanlal and Karthika Thirunaal Karthikeyan.Also you might want to factor in the aspect that T.S. Suresh Babu directed films like Stalin Shivadas, Kottayam Kunjachan, and Kizhakkan Pathrose.

If you did not guess “Superman character” as the answer, then as a punishment you deserve to watch Pokiri and Azhagiya Thamiz Magan for the next twenty four hours. Even after six consecutive flops, the folks at think the glass is half full.

Let’s wait for more news to stream in about Karthika Thirunaal Karthikeyan, which could perhaps prove good for Mohanlal and more so for so T.S. Suresh Babu, who hasn’t done a film for a long time.[Mohanlal’s Karthikathirunal Karthikeyan to start rolling in April]

If you think the world needs yet another superman-sinkidi movie starring Mohanlal, then you need help. Fortunately Mohanlal too thinks along the same lines.

Mohanlal after reading the complete script of writer-director T.S Suresh Babu’s Karthika Thirunal Karthikeyan(KTK) has rejected it on the grounds that he has done similar larger-than-life character and the cost of the film will be over Rs 4 crore, making it financially a big risk for the producer Siraj Valiyaveetil.[Mohanlal dumps KTK!]

Since the superstars have decided to inflict 5 movies/year on us, it would be only fair if a few of them are watchable.


  1. the superstars should be made to watch their own crap movies continously for 24 hours.. only then they’ll get to taste the torture what they are inflicting on us viewers who pay to watch their movies.

  2. Hi VC,
    Please dont criticise mohanlal.i am fan of mohanlal as a person than mohanlal as actor.he is one gift to malayalam cinema who really intends to improve the quality of malayalam cinema. On the whole any body can understand like kathakali and other kerala arts,mallu movies are also in a decline path. we sees tamil cinema why? it is either technically brilliant or it has more universal acceptance storywise or executionwise. even we see korean movies now a days.(with subtitles) why not anybody else do not see mallu movies even with subtitles? it does not universal appeal. if the execution is brilliant they will not care abt the regional culture. even they will try to understand it. may be i am going overboard. but the real problem is not persons. It is the system.

  3. @akp, very funny. just because you worship a random human being, we are not supposed to criticize him. ? Hey then I worship the system, please don’t say criticize it.

  4. “he is one gift to malayalam cinema who really intends to improve the quality of malayalam cinema”

    Yeah indeed, and he intends to do so by gifting us with gems as College Kumaran.

  5. thanks for your replies..,but is tht so much funny?? i said ‘person’ lal is better than ‘actor’lal . and do you think your criticism will make make any difference? does this platform can provide any positive difference to the system? that is my question.., why dont you make a more constructive group yourself instead of just turning around the superstars ??

  6. @ Vinu..,
    Do you still think college kumaran is given to malayalam cinema by mohanlal !! then you really need some film education. what these directors and scrpit writer are doing in a film?? just to waste some money of a producer?? actor is an actor. his age/caste/anything is not important. whether he is able to do the character in the film. this is the question. it is not mohanlal in a film with a different name.

  7. @akp, ‘person lal’ is better than ‘actor lal’ ? how do you know ?

  8. why not..? i never degraded his acting. I said there is very sincere and admirable person lying in the body of mohanlal . see his interviews.., see his articles in manorama or somewhere else. there is a very big artist(not painter..!!)lying inside him . he is not a showman like mammootty, who always wears the latest fashion dresses and delivers politician like dialogues in public functions. He is a very creative and artist type person which was identified by similar personalities like Padmarajan, Aravindan, Sathyan anthikad..etc.

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