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Return of K.G.George


K.G.George who made fascinating movies like Yavanika, Lekhayude Maranam and Adaminte Variyellu is planning a come back. He stayed away so long because he did not have the finances to make a movie and second, he does not want to work with the stars because with them he will not be able to make the kind of movies he wants to make.

“I believe in making entertaining films. All the cinema of the world I have seen, those that are classics have always been immensely entertaining. To have a film where nothing happens is a kind of pseudo film and could be because of the ignorance of the film maker. I believe there should be a give and take between the film maker and
the audience.”[ Magic in the mundane ]

And then

George says he is planning a return to the silver screen, with yet another woman-oriented story.“In our society, women are not taken into consideration while making any decisions. That is rank discrimination. Things are changing now and the man-woman relationship is much more practical now. I would like my cinema to be a catalyst in the change. The story I am working on is about the choice of an unconventional woman.”[
Magic in the mundane

Before venturing out into film making, it would be instructional for Mr. George to see what kind of movies people liked the past year. The list contains Mayavi, Hello, Kangaroo, and Chocolate. This is not Mr. George’s genre. We identify him more with movies like Ore Kadal, but then we wonder what the fate of that movie would have been if it did not have Meera Jasmine and Mammotty.

Making movies about unconventional women is a great idea, but in reality there are not many unconventional actresses who can pull it off. As we noted yesterday, the only actress who can do such roles is Meera Jasmine. She can also  get audience to watch her, then we have seen that unless you make a clichéd movie like Achuvinte Amma, stories which focus on women don’t get much traction.

We are not saying that Mr. George should stop making movies. We want to bring into his attention that audience preference has changed and only very few directors and writers of his era have adapted. The directors of that time like I.V.Sasi and Bhadran have shown that they cannot adapt to modern times and Joshi is the only one who seems to keeping with the times; then Joshi’s products are of different genre.

We would definitely love to see K.G.George back, with some satire like Panchavadi Palam, but before he ventures out, it would be better if he took some time to understand the trends.


  1. I don’t think veteran directors of K.G. George’s calibre need to adapt to suite mass taste. I would rather watch a more realistic, authentic movie from him.

    But I agree that there are many talented superstars who will be happy to co-operate with K.G George. It will only help to make such movies reach a wider audience.

  2. His last movie, “Elavankode Desam”, was one of the best movies that’ve come out in recent times in Malayalam. I found it to be very entertaining along the same lines as “Yavanika”. It shows that he is still a master filmmaker. If he can find producers who are not looking for financial gain, he should certainly make more movies.

  3. KGG is surely one of the best directors that Malayalam has seen. However, I feel VC rightly points to a need to accustom oneself to the changing times. Its sad to see those veterans striving hard to keep up with the changing times in vain.

    Hariharan plunging unseen depths with Prem Pujari and Mayookham, I V Sasi with a few unmentionable flicks that include the embarassing Balram v/s Taradas are just two of the mighty falls that we have witnessed in recent years.

    And Ilavankodu Desam was a real bore of a film that went haywire in almost every department of filmmaking. That it was plagued with so many other issues from the start might be an explanation. However Desam should undoubtedly go down in film history as one of KGG’s worst films till date.

    KGG’s comeback is an eagerly awaited one, for sure. As the times, technique and trade have changed, it remains to be seen if the wizard craftsman does get to display his brilliance yet again.

  4. elavankodu desham was such a bore

  5. It’s true that K.G.George is one of the best directors in malayalam. I loved ‘Ulkadal’ and ‘Yavanika’.

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