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Blessy was willing to tolerate her tantrums to finish Kolkotta News. Shyamaprasad could not think of any one else in Ore Kadal. When it comes to movies with substance, Meera Jasmine stands above the rest in Malayalam. The question then is how come a girl who had family problems, gossip published regularly associating her with Lohithadas, S J Surya, and every other male, able to reach this level where Sathyan Anthikkad is willing to pay any amount to get her to star against Mohanlal?

That’s when you see how smart this girl really is. At a time when Kavya, Meera, Navya and Bhavana were all doing the same kind of movies, she made some decisions which paid of well. First she stopped acting in C.I.D Moosa, Inspector Garuda type movies which itself moved her one step away from the crowd. Second, she had no qualms in acting with superstars, but not in the Shafi/Anwar Rasheed type movies, but ones with serious directors. In those movies she proved that she can match anyone with her acting skills and that was idea was cemented by movies like Achuvinte Amma , Padom Onnu: Oru Vilapam and Kasthuriman where she alone held the film together.

Movies like Ore Kadal are not made often and it takes courage to act as an adulteress wife in this stage of the career. While rest of the crowd are trying to preserve their goody images, Meera was bold enough to try characters which exploit her range. She has learned very early on that she is an actress who has to portray different characters, instead of doing cookie cutter images of the same character in different movies.

Meera has also bagged a crucial role in Shaji N. Karun’s forthcoming film Kutty Sranku, where she is pitted against the one and only Mammootty. The film is expected to start rolling in April.[Meera- The Busy bee]

There are lessons which Kavya and Navya can adopt before it is too late.

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  1. I also think Meera is a superior and more spontaneous actress than the rest. In my mind, others don’t stand anywhere near her calibre. Just my opinion.

  2. She is the most talented actress in malayalam now.

    Kavya is senior to her in the industry still she dont understand cinema. It was a horrible experience when i saw an interview of her about Inspector Garud. She spoke in a mode that Garud must be sent to oscars.

  3. When Iread the article in sify..I was sure that u guys are gonna talk about it!!

    she is the best..
    can uyou guyz imagine kavya/navya doing the role of achu!!
    not ebven achu…the role in rasathantram!!
    jus imagine kavya in the guy role!!

    nyways I ‘m a diehard fan of her now nd alwayz!

  4. Meera is talented indeed.

    But she’s getting typecasted.. In most of her movies lately, she’s either the damsel in distress or a girl who has all the world’s burden on her shoulders!!

    Hope Kamal’s Youth movie will be a change for her.

  5. @diehardfan, there is a scene in rasathanthram where meera rolls up her mundu and walks like a guy to the shop. I don’t think Kavya will ever display her body parts like that. When Meera did it, it did not look vulgar and it was a very funny scene, which someone like Kavya or Navya can never do.

  6. Meera is indeed one of the best talents we have in Indian cinema. She acts without any inhibition. Lets hope people like Sathyan Anthikad will stop type casting her as damsel-in-distress.

  7. I think it is more about being in the right place. Meera has got talents, but is seriously overhyped. There are numerous untapped talents that are wasting away in lousy films. I think cinema people have sentiments and biases. They can’t look beyond. Since some time now, there is this believe that Meera is the best actress. But it is her luck that she chose roles, which came her way, that went on to become very popular.

    Navya went over the norms of most actresses to do her roles. Putting in a 100% and more. But frankly, only success speaks in this field and with the audience. Besides there is no point in saying Kavya, Bhavana and Navya need to learn. Mostly, actresses do the films that come their way. In fact, each one of the above mentioned actresses have been praised for their talents, even within the limited scope they have been given in their films.

  8. well – she has won a national award for her acting and acted in a maniratnam movie also. these two more than prove shes an actor of substance.

  9. If there was a remake of Noketha Doorathu..

    Last day there was an interview with Nadiya Moidu in Asianet and the Girl asked her whom do u suggest to play the role of Girl if it is going to remake…
    and Nadiya replied..”I think Meera Jasmine probably do justice to tht role.”

    Watch the Interview!

    I did’nt say about showing body parts and all that stuffs/I just asked to imagine that with kavya..its not look mate..its all about acting!

    well.. even in vinodayathra..her character was not that important but she tried to rise above the character..

    anyway I’M NOT HERE TO FIGHT..Lez end it here..:)

    Moreover I am a big fan of Meera and I’ll only see her positive side! as everyother fan!

  10. diehardfan, I was not trying to pick a fight, just was trying to say what Kishore said – Meera acts without inhibitions, while others are not bold enough to try such roles.

  11. speaking of inhibitions – in both yuva and calcutta news, there are scenes which have meera to expose. but these scenes which would normally have been titillating with other actresses, have been carried off by meera with such elan.

    theres only one successor to manju and thats meera. both are lot similar too 0 emotionally unstable and a couple of love failures

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