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Cycle takes us forward

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Making movies with new comers is risky business and it was explained to us by producer Maniyanpilla Raju

It’s a common misconception that if new comers are acting in a movie the cost of the movie will be low. Even if the newcomer is hero , the other actors in the movie, would not reduce their salary. Film price could not be lowered. Rental rates for the camera could not be lowered. Hotel rooms cost could not be lowered. So every other cost other than newcomers salary is fixed and could not be bought down. On the other hand if we have Mohanlal or Mammootty or Suresh Gopi or Dileep as hero, they would have to be given a big amount as salary. But if these persons are lead actors then we can negotiate good amounts as foreign distribution, satellite, TV and many other rights, which will recover the cost we have paid these actors. Where as if it’s a new comer I would not even get 5 lakh rupees as rights. That’s the reason why producers hesitate to have newcomers as leads. And since newcomers don’t have initials, the movie won’t stay much in the theatres.[Interview : Manian Pillai Raju – Part II]

Every once in a while director Kamal makes a movie with new comers and they become popular. Nammal which had Siddharth, Jishnu, Renuka Menon and Bhavana was a big success while Goal which had Ranjith Menon, Aksha Pardesi and Muktha George did not do that well. Roshan Andrews’ second movie Notebook starring Roma, Sreedevi, Parvathi and Sooraj did very well, even though we did not think very high about it.

With Cycle becoming a hit, it gives us the new actor Vineeth Srinivasan and adds market value to Bhama and Vinu Mohan. We are excited about the movie’s success since we need fresh faces to deal with such stories. Since these actors are youngsters they cannot do the roles of the orphan-turned-Hindustani-classical-expert-cum-good-hearted-goonda or English-speaking-ACP. If public starts encouraging new actors, some of our superstars can stop making bad movies just to meet the quota.

But even if the movie becomes a hit, it does not ensure a steady career for all the stars. Among the Nammal cast only Bhavana became big and from the Notebook cast it was Roma. The cast of Goal went missing with Muktha George remaining as an occasional blip in the radar. We don’t know how many stars of Cycle will be pedaling same time next year, but even if one or two become bankable stars, it is good for the story tellers and listeners.

One Comment

  1. Actually the reasons told by Maniyan Pilla Raju is not completely acceptable. Its true that the newcomers’ films will not get money in terms of rights before the release. But if those films become successful it gets aalmost same amouint or even better sateelite and video rights.

    For example, Classmates got around 75 lakhs as satellite rights, which was much above that got for star films that time. Notebook also got good rights amount. Maniyal Pilla is a member in the caucus surrounding the super star. Its completely their duty to discourage newcomers movies and to stick around the star business and make money for their living. If more quality films will start to hit the screens with newcomers, these parasites cannot survivve in the industry.

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