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Review roundup : Cycle


Cycle has got positive reviews from most of the reviewers. James Albert seems to have managed to provide a good script, though not of Classmates calibre. And Johny Antony did utilize the opportunity to get out of the vicious cycle he had got himself into. says:

Eureka! Malayalam commercial cinema has atlast found a new Cycle to ride with a set of talented and fresh youngsters. Three cheers to director Johnny Antony, script writer James Albert, and the youth brigade of Vineeth Sreenivasan, Vinu Mohan, Bhama and Sandhya, for riding a winner!

Cycle has the right ingredients that go to making it a joy ride- brand new youthful actors with freshness who can carry a show on their tender shoulders, a story and screenplay which is refreshing and racy, peppy music, situational comedy, all this packaged as a family entertainer that will appeal to all ages.

IndiaGlitz says:

This is not just another typical Johny Antony movie with formulaic, unapologetic cartoonish characters running around in fast paced slapstick. ‘Cycle’ is refreshingly new. It’s an incredible U-turn, dear friends.

You’ll see, even though it’s tough to believe, that how a welcome change in the scripting department can make Johny a brainy director. A director who can deliver films which deal with stark realities.

The director uses the simple theory ”when everybody is going by the book, it’s really easy to know how to break the rules”. And he breaks it with the help of scenarist James Albert to make one of the best “soft thrillers” in recent times in Mollywood. reviews:

Cycle has an air of freshness all about it. There is definitely a vibrant feel to the happenings that brings about an irresistible charm to the whole film. James Albert pens a script that’s not even a patch on his former work, but still manages to hold it all together, just enough to create yet another hit. The early gags are especially delightful, and the pressure build-up truly electrifying. The Cycle as a metaphor of tranquility and mental bliss works incredibly well, and so does the refrain of the deafening airplanes every now and then, suggestive of constant dread and panic.

Cycle would be tremendously more enjoyable, if you showed that defiant sense of logic tugging at your back, the exit door. Here is a film that makes no pretensions with regard to its sole purpose – that of simple and quite straightforward entertainment. This might be a reason why eyebrows shouldn’t be raised, even as a whole lot of ridiculous coincidences make their appearance in the jumble.

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  1. The youth & family audiences are thronging theatres playing Cycle like anything while theatres playing Superstar movies look deserted. Looks like not even their hard-core fans need their stale movies now.

    A refreshing change is happening in Malayalam Cinema indeed..

  2. This film is really worth a watch.Another good one from the “Classmates” script writer.Welcome change from Johny Antony who took a different step from his usual comedy mould.The cast though young and inexperienced gives some majestic performances especially Vinu Mohan.The film has some really thrilling moments but everything is quite realistic.
    Watch the movie you all will like it; iam sure.

  3. The film is worth a watch. Malayalee audience who got tired watching Super star wastes, will get a breath of fresh air through Cycle.

  4. Cycle is a very good movie. The combination of Johny Antony and James Albert is good. All the characters have played very well in this movie. The combination of youth Vineeth sreenivasan and Vinu Mohan is also very nice. Vineeth has proved his talent very well in acting too. Vinu mohan who acted in Nivedyam once again proved that he is an assured gift for the Malayalam film indusrty. His expression’s in film seems like a very Experienced actor. He is a great support for Vineeth in this film. A GOOD FILM among the recent Release of superstars.

  5. good film.. the strong script is the highlight of the film. we must appreciate the casting in the film. vineeth has done a wonderful job.. amazing.. all other actors/actresses had done justice to their roles. thanks to the director for giving such a youthful film to the malayalam audiance.

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