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Oru Murai Vanthu Parthayo


If a picture is worth a thousand words, then a video would be worth about a million words. Since our favorite past time is analyzing Manichithrathazhu, we present to you the original oru murai song and the same song from various remakes.

  1. First the original starring Shobana, directed by Fazil

  2. In the Kannada version P. Vasu asks Soundarya to walk as if she is in a park.

  3. Thinking that the butchering was not upto mark, P. Vasu decides to shine some lights into Jyothika’s eyes in the Tamil version.

  4. No lights or other gimmicks in Priyadarshan’s version, but Vidya Balan is supported by two actors who don’t know acting.

  5. Now to cleanse the brain, watch the original once more.

At the end of it, we feel this movie should not have been remade, but subtitled and released. Manichitrathazhu experts, your comments are solicited

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  1. VC – obviously the movie shoulndt have been remade – as it is once in a lifetime classic.
    What makes Manchithrathazhu stands apart is that the Story towered above the three superstars (Shobhana included) who acted in the movie. Unfortunately in the remakes, it was vice versa. There woulndt have been one malayali who woulndt have cringed while watching the remakes.

    Such a movie cannot be made again. Even Fazil tried his best in Vismayathumbathu but coulndt succeed.

  2. Its a classic that shouldn’t be remade at the same time subtitling it would not bring in any financial benefits to the producers or creators.
    In this age where money rules, I think its the best interests of the creators to give copyrights to as many languages as possible and get a good share of the pie. I am assuming the producers made more money with the tamil and hindi remake than with the original.
    Let’s discuss what made the original stand above the rest – I think it was a total team effort by every actor/actress and the support staff. This was a movie made not just by Fazil, i believe it also included Priyan and the duo of siddique-lal, am not sure if more directors were involved. Each of them doing what they do best.
    In malayalam the real star was shobhana which was not the case with the remakes. I don’t think anybody could come close to being 10% of what she did.
    According to me the keys to success of the movie was team work and towering performance by shobhana . What’s your opinion?

  3. It is really amazing to watch all remake movie’s video at a time. The original Malyali is best and the other are too.But Dance & Expression by Shobana And Vidya are best than any other I enjoyed both equally.

  4. Shobana did her own choreography while others just followed the instructions of some dance-master. So there is no comparison to the rest the actresses.

    Also, the inherent anger conveyed by M.G Radhakrishnan’s music in Malayalam version is completely missing in other versions.

  5. All remakes r very good and Vidya Balan delivered a superb performance.

  6. Horrible performance from vidya balan;
    None of the re-makes come anywhere near the original one.Chandramukhi is of course the worst.

  7. I think it was Shobana’s performance that elevated the movie.

  8. manichitrathazhu is the best. no other remakes has its quality
    and the dance done by shobhana is the best nothing other is near to it
    my marks

    manichtrathazhu 10/10
    bhool bhulaiyya 5/10
    aaptamitra 4/10
    chandramukhi 2/10

  9. its one nd only manichitrathazhu nd one nd nly shobhana……….none otr can match up wid it……….wat a stunning per4mance did shobhana giv it in manichitrathazhu……………she was simply dazzling…………..HATZZZZZ OFFFFFFF OF 2 PADMASHRI SHOBHANA

  10. Malayalam movies are always the best…..In the case of Manichithrathazu….shobana is the superstar…She did her best in that movie..with d superstars Mohan Lal n Suresh Gopi also done their part..all the remakes wer worst…but in case of Hindi is bettr than the other 3 may be bacause of Priyadarshan n Vidhya Balan (even if she cant compare with Shobana)…No other actors in Indian film industry can be compared with Mohan Lal…he is the born actor..People can make super stars..but it does not mean that they r gud actors…but Lal is not only a super star but also the best actor in the world…especially in the scene of Orumurai vanthu parthaya,Lal,Suresh n Shridhar who were anxiously searching for Ganga..that was quite a natural acting..but just watch the same scene of remake..very funny..

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  12. Of course, the original with subtitles is superior to remakes.

    However, as a viewer who doesn’t speak Malayalam, I feel that I have missed a lot simply reading the subtitles. If I ever want to fully enjoy and understand this movie, I will need to learn Malayalam.

    I envy native Malayalam speakers, simply because of this movie. When Ganga turns into Nagavalli and switches to Tamil, I can’t even tell. So the impact that the film makes on a native speaker is not the same as someone who is reading subtitles. In this sense, remakes can be slightly more meaningful.

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