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Review roundup: Sound of Boot


Sound of Boot had raised a lot of pre release interest for 2 reasons. Shroud of secrecy around its story and speed at which Shaji Kailas completed the shooting – 22 Days to be precise. Now that the movie has released people have spoken. Looks movie’s story will remain a secret, as the people are reluctant to find out what it is. Also, if we have to go by the reviewers, movie might not last in theatrs for 22 Days. For producers, when they named the movie “sound of boot”, they  would have never gussed that it would be the sound of people running away from theaters. says:

Shaji and Rajesh wanted to say a message that there are so many similar people who lost out their dear ones during the emergency period and no justice or compensation has been paid by the government and those responsible for the emergency excess are still roaming around free. But what the director fails to understand is that “emergency excess” is old hat and it does not strike a chord with today’s audiences

Added to that there are no nuances, twists or turns, and no drama in this non-thriller, with only Suresh Gopi bringing some cheer to otherwise a film that will put you into a deep slumber! reviews:

In the technical sides also the film is superior with crisp editing by Arunkumar (Sorry, for his credit is montage) and moody photography and extreme angles by Raja Rathnam in which no values are compromised, even though the film was shot in a record 25 days. The only song in the film ”Yamuna Theeram” is an unwanted suffering, but Rajamani in rerecording definitely sets the pace with enthralling theme music.

If you can walk away with several weak plot points that may inquire your intellect, the movie may make you feel as a well made ‘‘endeavor’’.   It may be unfair to expect a wondrous exclamation, from the viewer’s side ‘ at the end of a picture but certainly ”Sound Of Boot” is not the one to be avoided, at least for its atypical narratives. Perhaps that may be the point that the makers are also bearing in their minds. reviews:

The prolificacy with which Shaji Kailas and Suresh Gopi churn out movies is amazing. What is more interesting is how they derive the plot of these Malayalam films, where the protagonist is more often than not a policeman. Sound of the Boot is no different.

So, how do we make the distinction? Apart from the title and the names of the characters, the director has found an ‘innovative idea’ of changing the mannerism of the hero. So, here he tightens the lace of boots (symbolic reference to the title) after getting down from the jeep at every crucial juncture.

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