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Recently Bharadwaj Rangan wrote

I wouldn’t be surprised if, in the near future, multiplexes everywhere take to installing braincheck rooms outside the cinema halls. As we hold out our tickets to the usher, I can see us being asked to deposit our cranial matter for safekeeping through the duration of the movie, so that not a sliver of analytical process will be allowed to impede our enjoyment of the film in question. And it’s tempting to imagine the pandemonium after the screening, outstretched hands of screaming patrons intimidating the pretty girl (oh, as long as we’re dreaming, why the hell not!), pointing her this way and that: No, not that grayish lump. That one, there, next to the one with the smallish occipital lobe. Ah, yes. Be careful. Phew. Thank you very much. Have a nice day.

Johnny Antony movies have always qualified for such service. Then the target audience of his movies like C.I.D. Moosa, Kochi Rajavu, Thuruppugulan and Inspector Garuda are not folks who watch Iranian and French movies, but those who love to see Salim Kumar and Dileep fall into cow dung wearing Spiderman costumes. The industry word for this group is: family audience. Johny is very clear about his path and unapologetic about making such cartoonish movies. Since C.I.D. Moosa and Thuruppugulan were hits and the other two made decent money, all with mediocre scripts, he is the darling of producers.

James Albert made a dream debut as the script writer of Classmates. The murder mystery told in multiple disjoint flashbacks by multiple characters was a new style of story telling in Malayalam and with the superb direction of Lal Jose and support of an ensemble cast, it was the biggest hit of the year. James Albert is not an expert in slap stick like Sibi-Udayan who wrote all Johny Antony movies so far. Thus when James and Johny join hands in this movie which features, we hope that James will pull Johny out of the low I.Q. genre.

The story unfolds in a plush shopping complex and revolves around two youngsters, Roy (Vineeth Sreenivasan), an accountant in a private finance firm, and Sanju (Vinu Mohan), who works in a shop selling home appliances. They come from modest backgrounds but have big dreams. Annie (Bhama), who works in a travel agency, and Meenakshi (Sandhya), the daughter of a banker, are the heroines in the film,” [Balancing act]

Vineeth Srinivasan’s songs have always been chart busters and very popular among the masses, but we have not seen the actor in him. This movie is an opportunity for public to see if he has inherited any of his father’s genes. For the Nivedyam pair, Bhama and Vinu Mohan, this is another great opportunity. Usually Johny’s movies have some popular songs, but this time none of the songs written by Anil Pachooran and tuned by Mejo Joseph fascinated us. Since none of the main actors have crowd pulling capability, the success of the movie depends entirely on the script and direction and we have to see if J&J pull it off.


  1. No classmates magic since the story is an ordinary one. Many forced situations. Songs are not exceptional. But it is a watchable one when compared to a dozen movies released prior. At times one would feel the pulse racing. Johny Antony’s best movie.

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