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Review roundup: roudram


In Roudram Ranji Panikker has stuck to his usual template, a lone angry hero taking on political establishment. Playing the Police Officer role for 26th time, reviewers agree that Mammoootty  seems to have perfected his performance. On the contrary, as per the reviewers, story and treatment offers nothing new. As it is becoming a habit to us, we had predicted just that. reviews:

Panikkar’s film as usual is the latest update on the socio-political scene in Kerala, as seen through the eyes of his protagonist. An upright, honest and fearless cop who is fighting the system from within. There is nothing new in story or presentation but what makes Roudram work is Mammootty’s characterization of the cop ‘Nari’. He steers this uneven high-on-punchlines film to the winning post.

The plot definitely evokes a sense of déjà vu, like a cop ‘Dirty Harry’ Narendran who is a one-man army who grapples with a corrupt society run by mafia’s with political support, inefficient and rotten police administration and a chief minister who is more concerned about his whealer-dealer son than the people who voted him and his party to power.

India Glitz Comments: (This time they didn’t wait for MM’s review to be out to write theirs)

So you are here in familiar territory, complete with all the Renji Panikkar regulars in ‘Roudram’. Here, the difference offered is definitely Mammootty, who is teaming up with the director in the role of a police officer.‘Roudram’ offers all the regular fare identified with this genre. However, for die-hard fans of the genre, this two-hour-forty-minutes flick is partially entertaining, if not riveting.

The one reason ‘Roudram’ may not work is that the movie’s framework is too similar to the template of Panikkar’s  previous hit ‘Bharatchandran IPS’. The story is all about Narendran, an honest ACP, who has the guts to take on the corrupt system, fulfilling his father’s wish (he was also an officer who died during an operation). Narendran — popularly called Nari — is offered a case to work on, directly from the Chief Minister’s office: a case of the murder of Kambilikandam Jose, a drug dealer. says:

If you are looking for any kind of novelty in this film, you will be royally disappointed. Everything from the narrative structure to the vague profile of the protagonist remains unchanged except for a spark here and there.

Even the good and bad supporting characters are stereotypes — the corrupt man with a soft corner for the hero (Lalu Alex), an advocate-wife who left her practice to take care of a sick child, and the CM who is a puppet in the hands of a caucus. The only comic relief is in the form of a superior officer played by Rajan P Dev.

Mammootty tries to rise above the script with little success. He mouths lines in Malayalam as well as English and also translates them all the time. He confronts his adversary with a pistol or bare fists to win an argument or simply to prove a point.

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