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Review Roundup: College Kumaran


Will this be the 6th one in a row? We’ll know soon. Most of the reviewers were brutal in their analysis.

Ratheesh writes:

Obviously, I didn’t go for the film expecting it to be a masterpiece, but in spite of all Rasathanthrams and Nattu Rajavus, I still I keep looking forward to every Mohanlal movie, hoping that it would be something different, or at least offer some time-pass. But College Kumaran just made me repent for spending the money for buying ticket. Since it is Thulasidas’s film, I won’t talk about logic, theme, presentation, characterizations, etc. And in any case the theme is a rehash of the superhero-shinkidis-fans-villains formula planted to a college atmosphere, with the usual “package” of actors playing their “standard characters – Siddique and Jayakrishnan playing villains, Balachandra Menon coming in jubbah for revealing the “secret”, Jagannatha Varma playing the judge, etc. There is absolutely no “comedy” (except for the aforementioned gem). Songs are of the kind which would really make us wish to have a remote control to fast-forward them on the screen. Can we at least hope that we could make ourselves feel pleasant looking at the good-looking heroine, Vimala Raman? No, as she doesn’t have many scenes in the film, and the photography too is just mediocre.

College Kumaran shouldn’t have been made. It’s such a waste of time and money of its makers as well as viewers.

VN writes in

Flawed direction is only one of the numerous woes that plague the film. Technically College Kumaran is a shoddy film that reveals sloppier production values. It has a laid-back feel to it, that’s unmistakably crass. That it has been in the making for quite a while could be seen as a reasonable apologia to the jaded air. I would gladly grant it to Ouseppachan for coming up with a few lilting tunes that sporadically perk up an otherwise foul feel that lingers all over.

It wouldn’t hurt to brand the film as a snoozer and a true test on the nerves. It’s so lackluster to the point of being dimwitted. And it leaves a bad taste, even for the brain dead.

Indiaglitz reviews:

The film rooted in the campus itself has a pretty thin story line. But Thulaseedas has finally managed to convert the flick into a passable fare. The director is spot on the little subject, he had and races to the final with the help of fine cuts by P C Mohanan. The screenplay and dialogues by Suresh Pothuwal flesh out the characters of this thin concept, with not many deviations. The later half is more impressive, but with too many cliches, that makes the flick a predictable stuff. Mohanlal looks tired but ease through the role which he had been in, many times before. Vimala Raman as Madhavi is ok but has precious little to do. The shortcoming of the script is that it doesn’t have many hilarious moments, funny sequences, punch lines or witty one liner. Suraaj and Harishree Ashokan as Kumaran’s aides in canteen try to bring in chuckles but fails more than often. Siddhique as Sethunathan is in his usual self while a bunch of young artists completes the castline as campus groups.


  1. Such films are coming out due to the so called Big actor’s attitude towards money. Their hardcore fans will rush and flood the theater in the first 2-3 days then leave to Public. This Kumaran came just because Lal was paid 1.25 Cr setting a new record.
    Now he runs after Lady lecture in front of Students, puts his head in every damn thing overtaking Principle and managers who look supporting the Super Star. How long public will suffer such antics dished out only for the sake of money and some hard core fans who are envy of new the generation accusing Young achievements like Sreesanth and Prithvi. Horrible stuffs will definitely dwindle his sagging fan base. All should avoid such movies for the sake of Lal’s bank balance. Now at leas public got a chance to see the difference between the last two campus movies and this dirty stuff. My God pl save us from such horrible acts and directors.

  2. I agree with Raju. Saw the movie, pathetic is too mild a word. What is going on with this “fatty” lal ?? I was a great fan of this guy, now just cannot beleive this. A great actor like him is trying to compete with younger ones … sick … sick !!I hope he realises this. Story is horrible, and it is high time Lal starts checking his weight problem, IF he wants to compete with younger stars.

  3. Producers beware – there is a huge competetion between Mohanlal and dileep to see who will blow away more money. They are even competing to see who will get more flops in a row.
    right now both are tied with 6 each. Dileep is depressed, as he thinks Lal Jose’s Mulla might become a hit. Where as Lal is ecstatic as his next release is Akasa Gopuram.
    On a serious note , for Mohanlal to get a hit he should consider remaking Billa with Namitha in double role.

  4. Ratheesh’s review is classic. I was laughing at these lines, “What is more – even the veteran actor’s methods have become too repetitive and horribly boring – for example, when his character becomes thoughtful, Mohanlal shows the expressions of chewing some toffee and then looks through one corner of his eyes and then slowly moves his gaze to the other corner.”

  5. First, I was wondering why mohanlal is taking up this kind of roles especially when the director is from the crap list. He is one among the two big superstars in malayalam, but pretending like he lost his enthusiasm in everything even to select the films, when the other superstar is far better in selecting films and much much energetic and giving different looks in every movie…..My comments to college kumaran is ” Just forget this movie and give a hit on the back of the film director”

  6. Went to see Calcutta News Ernakulam Saritha on Tuesday, night show. The movie was average in first half but excellent in second half. The movie deserves a better hit than what is happening now. But poor Malayalees were guys spoiled by Super Star Masalas. But the main thing observed was the crowd at 1200 seater Saritha where College Kumaran was playing. Absolutely no one. Fan association arranged a few young kids of 8-13 years with a few ladies and distributing ticket, which was confirmed with one of the girl in the Q out side counter to get ticket from the men giving it. Took snaps of the scene, the movie got the treatement it deseved from the public. The movie collapsed after 3 days of Lal fans action. Amazed to see no family either in the Balcony or first class for about 10-15 minutes I stayed there to watch the scene after getting ticket for CN. Public desrve credit for such a treatment for this type of stuff, where a canteen guy runs after a lady teacher and sings etc. How long public will suffer this type of stuff. Pathetic. Why Lal wasting his talent for money. Is he dearth of money?

  7. Raphael shame on you to remark the first half of calcutta news is average and the second half excellent. I regard you as a cine viewer who has got some serious tastes. After all what is the base story of calcutta news? It is an ordinary b hindi movie story. The only difference blessy made is saving the “bachao, muche bachao” yelling of the heroine. Heroine gets abducted and hero saves her from the villain. That’s calcutta news is all about and you consider it a good movie. The base story sucks a lot and blessy makes some diversions to contribute to the movie length. At one point he justifies the crystal ball and conversations with the immortal soul dragging justice krisnayyaer into the scenario. At another point he makes the shrunk comment it is all bullshit, nothing but hallucination. Trying to say many things in one movie. Blessy please stop this. It is like one pissing on an uneven rock and the urine taking different routes to the destiny.

  8. I made it in a different viewpoint. The movie is average in the first half. The second half brings some great cinematic camera works and out door shooting which made me to comment positively on this. The out-door, especially the climax scenes are simply great. Story wise as you said shit, but taking differently is different, our problem is that we take story line very seriously, but fail to understand the treatment, which is the major difference.
    Paruthiveeran, Mozhi, etc are normal story line but treatment was different. Few Malayalam movies are coming off this genre. CN treatment was good, but poor script, use of technology forgetting about the fact that no mobile camera shooting at fade light makes good viewing on larger screens of TV, MMS of video more than 500kb is not possible, and he uses a Mobile Moto k1 which is very poor one as far as these facilities are concerned etc. etc.
    Here we talk about a very poor movie College Kumaran and how it fared in the Hall when I went for CN. Lal should stop doing such silly roles or he will soon become another Suresh Gopi.

  9. This is blessy’s fourth one. Kazhcha he took from Bashu. Thanmaathra from Padmarajan’s short story Orma. Re Palunku allegations were going on he copied it from someone else. A director came with the allegations that palunku was copied from his 3/4th completed movie.And the fourth one it is his story and so it fails. The storyline is like an onion’s skin. Blessy go for good stories. Nothing will happen to you if you take a story from outside. If you are after title credentials-if you need a square meal-ie story, screenplay, dialogue, direction-then I have nothing else to say. Think the industry is greater than you and it is not viceversa. You are highly talented-no second thoughts on that. If you love cinema take this advice seriously.

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