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[Srinivasan says the truth ]

While analyzing Mohanlal’s flops of the year we identified scripting or the lack of it as the major reason for the flop and it is heartening to see one of the best script writers in Malayalam agreeing with us. In fact the whole article is worth reading. There is a limit to what star power can do we found that even one of the best actors in India could not save stupid scripts.

All the good scriptwriters have lost their mojo, example : Ranjith, Lohitadas. There are flickers of talent here and there like Babu Janardhanan(Achanurangatha Veedu), James Albert(Class Mates). Other than Srini and MT, there are no other quality bankable script writers. When the only criteria for a movie is an actors dates, a climate of mediocrity gets cultivated. A good script policy need to be enforced by directors and producers. Writing good scripts is hard work, but unless that is done, there is no way out.


  1. I think Sreenivasan’s success is in writing scripts that are easily digestible and one which people can readily associate with. Most others (like Blessy) go overboard with scripting or doesn’t have the guts or talent to come out of their own rut.

    I haven’t seen ‘Novel’, but going by the looks of the songs or trailers, one gets the impression that the movie is so ’80-ish. Isn’t this what our TV serials produce day in and out? And the Director accuses the Actors and other technicians for the movie flopping.

    The lesser said about Jayaraaj, the better!

    The difference in Tamil is that the young actors have a good control of what movies they want to act. This gives them the freedom to take up challenging roles. Take Silambarasan, Jeeva, Jeevan, Bharath, Dhanush or our own Pritviraj – each one of them knows their limitations well and take up roles that are atleast different from their previous films. Agreed that superstars like Vijay or Ajith still do the same crap over and again, but they are well challenged by the 2nd line-up of artists.

    Till the time either script writers get their act together or a new breed of young actors come up, we will be suffering Ali Bhai’s, Novel’s and Flashes.

  2. are you saying films in the 80s are bad or something?

    Dude, Padmarajan was the last good filmmaker and script writer that made quality stuff in commercial cinema.

    No one has ever surpassed him yet.
    Better films came out in the 80s.

    and about Novel, it is directed by that guy from the East Coast CD company. What the heck would he know? he is no Filmmaker…..
    looking at the trailers, it looks just like another TV soap opera..

  3. Bhargavacharitham Moonnam Khandam

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