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Recently Kavya Madhavan made some remarks on politics and the folks at have not liked it a bit. Kavya said that she does not like politics and the violence that goes with it. She said that if politicians who organize strikes get beaten up they should not cry and complain.

In support of their argument, thatsmalayalam folks narrate the incident between director Samy and Padmapriya. It seems Samy slapped Padmapriya and they ask, should Padmapriya have gone home crying? Instead of that, Padmapriya complained to the various film organizations and the director was banned for a year. According to them this ban was possible only because those film organizations existed. They argue that the case is the same with students in the sense that they strike for a reason, like fee hikes and other issues which affect students.

It all makes sense when you read it, and nonsense when you realize that facts have been cherry picked. When Padmapriya got assaulted, she complained to the film organization and got the director suspended. This was a genuine case of grievance and we think Padmapriya did the right thing for she deserves her justice.

When it comes to student strikes, the folks at thatsmalayalam think that all student strikes are for worthy causes. We studied in a college where strikes were called for the flimsiest reasons like Israel-Palestine issue or because an American President landed in New Delhi both of which have nothing to do with us. Often these strikes turned violent resulting in college closure. Once we were asked by the Principal of the college to check the newspaper to see when the college would re-open. Thus to say that all student strikes are for a reason is like saying that all Jayaraj movies are classic.

No other state has as many strikes as Kerala. Does this mean that injustice is being dumped on Malayalees alone in whopping quantities? Like Kavya there are so many of us who are sick of the hartals and bandhs. We think people have the right to protest, but we think people also have the right NOT to protest. Some of us want to go about our lives without loss of our daily wages, but currently as it stands, a random group of people can decide that they will block the road and will not let you go to work. If such people are forcefully removed by police, like Kavya, we have no sympathy towards them.

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