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Two Comebacks



Once upon a time, Nayantara, who had become a big star in Tamil agreed to do an item number in a Malayalam movie, Janmam. The director was the man with the name blessed by astrologers, Joshiey and the hero, the man with two left legs, Suresh Gopi. Nayantara reached the sets in Pollachi and what happened next can be made into a Thulasidas movie.

But, when the production controller and assistant director went the next day to bring Nayantara to the sets,
they found out that she was getting ready to leave because she was angry that they had asked her to act in some scenes. That was when the producer informed her that if she walks out of the film, he stands to
lose Rs 6 Lakhs. She told him that it wasn’t her problem.[
Nayantara’s walkout cost Rs 6 lakhs!]

Now much to the delight of young and old, dead and alive, Nayantara has decided to grace Kerala shores and do an item number in the AMMA movie Twenty-Twenty . The movie is directed by Joshi and also stars Suresh Gopi, but Nayantara will be dancing with Prithviraj, Indrajith, Jayasurya and Kunchako Boban.

The second come back is of Ranjan Pramod, who was on an extended sabbatical after he gifted one of the biggest flops in Malayalam cinema. Now that people have forgotten about Photographer , he is back with a commercial pot boiler with Mammotty as the sacrificial lamb.

After making an applaudable performance sharing the lead with Mohanlal in ‘Hello’, Parvathy Milton will now join Mammootty, as his heroine for the new film. This new venture will be the second film by scriptwriter Ranjon Pramod, who bit the dust with his first film ‘Photographer’ which was a dud in the box office.

The director will be more cautious with his new project which will have all the ingredients for a commercial hit. This project is produced by Subair in the banner of Varnachithra Productions.[Parvathi Milton now with Mammootty ]

Who will be the next one to make a come back? Jayaram?


  1. “but Nayantara will be dancing with Prithviraj, Indrajith, Jayasurya and Kunchako Boban.”

    In Tamil she can dance with people old enough to be her grand father. Talk of double standards!!

  2. She first danced with both the old men of Malayalam cinema before doing it in Tamil. So there are no double standards here.

  3. jiobs – that was BEFORE she established herself as a star. i dont think she will dance/ do a film with any of the 2 M’s/ Suresh Gopi/ Dileep anymore – she charges more than any of them

    speaking of the movie, i have my doubts on how it will fare at the BO. if the story/ script is not good (coming from the jaded Siby/Udayan duo), then it will fare miserably at the BO

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