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Preview: Rowdram


Take a look at the cast of this film

Roudram’ also features a host of stars including Sai Kumar, Vijayaraghavan, Subair, Lalu Alex, Rajan P Dev, Shammi Thilakan, Sphadikom George, Urmila Unni and Sona. Sai Kumar is Sethu, a high profile businessman with a sporting new look, mannerisms and dialogues while Vijayaraghavan, who received rave reviews for his portrayals of many Renji characters comes in as Appichayi, with a paralyzed hand but unrelenting grit[Roudram Preview]

Now take a look at this bit of the story

Narendran is deputed by the state chief minister to gather information about a murder case, which at first seemed a routine affair. Day after day, machinated tales started outpouring which further complicates the case diary .He now finds that, it is time to take on some powerful names of the political and business mafia to dislodge some confusion following the case. How he handles the whole things, speaking always for the righteous people, forms the narrative of the movie.[Roudram Preview]

Now how different is this from any movie from the Suresh Gopi/Shaji Kailas factory? Instead of Suresh Gopi shouting at his opponents we will have Mammotty doing the same. Instead of Suresh Gopi playing the officer, it is Mammotty this time. What then is the USP of this Renji Panicker movie? Mammotty’s first police role after Balram vs Tharadas or references to the latest political events in the state? Hasn’t this genre been beaten to death? How many times have members of the supporting cast played the same role over?

As we mentioned in our article on the death of vigilante movies, the beginning and end of the such movies are constant. What makes for interesting viewing is the narration and if the narration and the plot devices are the same as every other movie, what would make this movie interesting? Shoulnd’t they have just released one of the old movies with the new name?


  1. still Rowdram offers hope – if its anywhere near bharatchandran ips (also from renji) it will be a hit.

  2. Mammotty in uniform itself is a treat. Renji will need to really screwup if this film is to fail.

  3. Sandeep, true. Mammotty and Suresh Gopi are the two actors who really look manly in police roles.

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  5. Once again mammootty proves that nobody can think about a manly super cop as he has done……he is in fully energetic…Best wishes!He is the best who suited well in police roles in india ! No doubt !

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