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Review Roundup: Novel

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The year is 2008 not 1980. Malayalees have lost the appetite for slow, sentimental, autobiographical movies, but East Coast Vijayan known for his stage shows where his name is repeated every 15 minutes has not realized it. His first film, according to reviewers induces drowsiness. Also when we thought that Jayaram’s career could only go up from where he was before, he seems to sprinting down the path only traveled by actors like Shankar and Ratheesh.

Movie Buzz writes

Vijayan East Coast who likes to be known as poet, writer, producer and now director with Novel, has come out with a film that will put you to sleep! The few audiences who turned up to watch the film, on its third day of its release and that too a Sunday, left half way into
the film.

Vijayan’s plot has been “inspired” from Hugh Grant- Drew Barrymore romantic movie Music and Lyrics, and he has malayaleeised it with some mushy romance and M. Jayachandran’s music which are melodious but not picturised well though Azhagappan’s camera is top class. Jayaram as Sethu and Sada as Priyanandini are good.

This Novel has to be flipped through, otherwise it will take ages to read it, as it moves at snail pace.

Unni Nair of writes

Being a musical of sorts, Novel has some romantic songs, penned by the director himself. The songs have been composed well and shot in a romantic manner too. “Onninumallathe…” is already popular and the other songs too impress. The problem with the film is that there is nothing new in it, and also that film viewers in Kerala today don’t like to see sentimental stuff and the film has too much of sentiments in it. Being slow-paced also goes against it.

To sum up, Novel is an average romantic story marked by average performances by the lead artists and others. The scenarists could have put in more of an effort and then the film would have been better. It’s not an insufferable bore. It’s not an inspiring love-story either. Just a romantic film, that’s all!

One Comment

  1. East Coast Vijayan known for his stage shows where his name is repeated every 15 minutes has not realized it….. hahah funny

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