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Review Roundup: Katha Parayumbol


“Scripts must not be considered as the backseat element to star value”, says the star of 2007, Sreenivasan.

“A good script is a fundamental element contributing to the success of a film. Instead of giving importance to get better scripts, obsession with star value has reduced the significance of the script in a film”, says the actor who has turned producer with his latest film ‘Katha Parayumpol’.[The scripts must take the front seat- Sreenivasan]

Srinivasan once again proved what an excellent script can do with Katha Parayumbol, one of the best Malayalam movies of 2007. He played the lead role and Mammotty did a guest appearance which made a good impact. All the reviewers agree that even though the story is wafer thin, Srinivasan has done a great job in pulling it of.

With the news that this movie will be remade in Tamil with Pasupathy playing Srinivasan’s role and Rajnikanth playing Mammotty’s role, there are lot of searches for this movie on this site. We have to see if this movie will be murdered like Chandramukhi or will it be able to retain the same spirit.

Unni Nair writes

Sreenivasan, who has done the script and debutante director M. Mohanan deserve to be appreciated for having come up with a film that touches certain chords in our hearts. A simple story narrated in a simple style. Though there is a lag in the first half, the climax saves it all. The film could have been made a bit crisper, but this flaw could be overlooked considering the director is a debutante.
The film is definitely worth a watch, especially for ordinary, ‘non-intellectual’ kind of people who would like to go and see films without intellectual presumptions and towering expectations. A good, touching film, told in a simple manner.

Movie Buzz says

The writer Sreenivasan and his director Mohanan has skillfully caricatured the characters you meet in a remote village- the moneylender and local ‘blade’ Eapacchan Muthalali (Innocent), Das Kattumantha(Salim Kumar), the boring village bard, guy(Mukesh) who runs the local tutorial college, rival hair stylist(Jagadish) tea shop owner(Mamookoya), self centered local politician who always talks about his connections(Augustine). Sreenivasan has also explored the craze among ordinary people for getting close or seen with a superstar. There is also a message that stars become superstars only because of their script writers who have given them memorable roles. The comedy laced satirical song ‘Vyathyasthanaaya…. tuned by M.Jayachandran is a rocker. P.Sukumaran camera has beautifully etched out the Thodupuzha countryside.

The film with a wafer thin story line works big time due to its climax, which has been worked out very well by Sreenivasan and a riveting performance by Mammootty.

Parashuram writes

The ultimate clincher for this film is its script. Authored by Sreenivasan, it is so layered that every frame has a comment to make about the world and every line of the dialogue on the mores of the society. The craze for celebrities and the problems of leading a principled life are discussed without being preachy or in-your-face.

Mammootty has the dignified presence of a real star and his aura and the mythical persona that surrounds him give a lifelike feel to the character of Ashok Raj.

India Glitz says

The film, skillfully repeats the representative characters, from every layer of the rural villages, (reminiscent of Sathyan films) with which the writer makes a lot of careful observations and clarifications about the phenomenon of super stardom and lives of people living in the lower strata of the society. Mostly represented by local professional actors in these roles, the film also gives an authentic feel with all sorts of storyline surprises and political criticisms in spite of its simple exterior. In the scripts, Sreeni seems to repeat some of his earlier sarcastic attributes like dark skin and heightlessness, but more commendable is that he has easily stretched a wafer thin plot to two hours and ten minutes with out much space for idleness.


  1. obviously if Rajni is playing mammotty’s role, he cannot appear in the later half of the movie ala Manichitrathaazhu…I think this will go the Chandramukhi way. some baddies will be introduced. a “9” item number shot in Trinidad & Tobago etc. Cant blame the director tho. Bcos thats what Tamilians expect from a Rajni movie

  2. To add to that Priyan has bought the Hindi rights also. My guess – Paresh rawal as Barber and Akshay Kumar/ SUnil Shetty/ Jackie shroff as Ashokraj

  3. Maybe in the Tamil version, the barber will make the guest appearance.


    “however, sources indicate director P. Vasu has considerably increased the length of Rajini’s role so as to please his fans but it will still only occupy a minor part in the film, significant nevertheless. “

  5. anyway, I think the same article says that Rajini has given only 10 days callsheet. maybe a short trip to Singapore to dance with Nayanthara????

  6. Sreenivasan showcases the power of the script by introducing debutant directors. Its a nice way to enhance budding directors but at the same time it could be risky. I think some of the directorial mistakes could have been avoided.

  7. matt – small difference here – the debutant director is sreenivasan’s own brother in law. However the director has been sathyan atnthikad’s long time associate as well.

  8. Matt, what are some of the directorial mistakes in the movie?

  9. The lastest news is that Rajnikanth wants a new heroine, instead of same old Nayanthara… After a full fledged movie and an item song with her, he now wants a younger heroine who is more a chick than 9thara… So I think Bhama frm Nivedhyam can better try… She will have a good chance!!! 😉

  10. this is not sreeni’s best. the first half seemed sort of documentary. the fill-ins in between the meeting of the barber and the actor could have been bettered by adding more twists and introducing new characters. in fact sreeni tested the patience of the audience in the fill ins in between. sreeni has let loose salimkumar making some scenes pure slapstick. barber looking at a wild jack tree to make a chair and mukesh soaping a student for fee is ridiculous. and the get up of meena and her too bright attire-what has happened to sreeni? the tears of mammootty was really unwanted. emotion in the dialogues was the only thing needed in that place. the dialogues of the actors speech coming through the microphone was not audible. this film is nothing in front of his chinthavishtayaya syamala which i consider mighty. to sum up i would say this film lacked more than a tea spoon of ingredients.

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