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Review Roundup: Of the People


Vigilante movies are not unique in Malayalam. In fact Suresh Gopi and Shaji Kailas feed their families due to that genre. Director Jayaraj once put his hand in that honey pot and raked in money with For the People. Then like Suresh Gopi/Shaji Kailas, Jayaraj also seems to think that repeating the movie with a different name can fool people, but then audience is smarter. The first release of 2008 is a terrible movie according to the reviewers.

Unni Nair writes

The main problem with the film seems to be that Jayaraj, one of the
most enterprising directors in Malayalam, seems to have done it in a
rather disinterested manner. While each frame of For the People shows
that the director has put his heart and soul into the making of the
film, the shots in By the People and Of the People seem to betray a
lack of any such wholehearted involvement. Maybe the director was
carried away by the success of the first film and believed that the
subsequent films in the series would follow suit. This over-confidence
seems to have done harm to the film.

The debutante script-writer Sreekumar Shreyas should have given more
attention to details while penning the script. As for the dialogues in
English, they sometimes seem to have been put there deliberately and
are delivered rather awkwardly. Some of the scenes in the film are
executed in the most boring manner and also acted out very

Paresh Palicha, once again provides no insights, but states that the movie is bad.

The story credited to the director includes mostly everything shown by the media in the last six months — whether it is the demolition drive in Munnar or the infighting in the ruling coalition stifling the working of an upright Chief Minister. That makes us wonder whether we are watching a Suresh Gopi film.The violence is bordering on grotesque and the jazzy camerawork does not help either.

While the credit for the major share for the success of 4 the People goes to the music of Jassie Gift, in the sequel there is no cohesive glue that binds the film.

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