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Rajamani’s “Soothing” music


In the review for Baba Kalyani we wrote

We would have complained more about the camera man, if not for the background score by Rajamani.It is as if Shaji Kailas told Rajamani that there should not even be a single moment of silence in the movie. Due to this his background score is played constantly, like a lottery ticket sellers tape, for every action Mohanlal makes on the screen. When his jeep comes in the horizon, the BG score starts, when he steps out of the jeep, it plays again, when he sneezes, it plays again. Some one has to tie Rajamani on a chair, play this music for 24 hours, like what the US Marines did to Manuel Noriega and make him feel how irritating it is.

Padmakumar’s Vasthavam is a very powerful movie and that too was ruined by the obnoxious background noise by Rajamani. When Salim Kumar’s character appears on the horizon, a sad music would start and you would know pretty much what is going to happen in that scene. It was not just for Salim Kumar, but for each character he had a musical pattern and it gave the film a temple ballet feel.Recently he made the following comment

“Try create good music, not sound pollution,” renowned music composer Rajamani’s views reveal his unhappiness over the flawed experimentation by some in the industry. “Music is divine and it should soothe the mind and soul,” says the composer who was in the city to receive the Lions Regional Award instituted by the International Association of Lions Clubs. [An enjoyable musical sojourn]

When such a man known for his loud background scores and emotional manipulation through music talks about soothing music, we could not but stop laughing. Does he not watch his own movies or has he become deaf listening to the background score for Baba Kalyani and Vasthavam


  1. The use of background music is becoming more and more an obstruction in many movies.

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