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Review Roundup: Kangaroo


Sibi Malayil’s Flash seems to have raced itself to the bottom of the pits among the December releases. So anything better than that should be watchable according to the reviewers. Raj Babu’s third movie seems to have the same class as his previous movies  (B-grade, stupid etc) and so Prithviraj might have to wait  for his coronation.

MovieBuzz writes the review in the format: story, A is good, B is not good mode

Pritviraj wants to be the next superstar of Malayalam cinema, especially after the sweet success of Chocolate! So he goes with his lucky mascot, giving English title Kangaroo, which is a B-grade formula film with comedy, action, family sentiments, dream songs picturised like in Tamil/Telugu films.Pritviraj has the making of the next superstar, and does a good job in holding the film together. Pritvi and Kavya make a nice romantic pair and the dream song is well shot. Why did Kaveri chose this stupid role of Nancy for her comeback? Jayasurya must have realized that to stay afloat he has to do the villain role. Kangaroo is a time-pass flick that should have been crisper as it drags in the first half. But nevertheless, go, have your share of fun.

Here is Rediff’s review which seems to be written by someone in LKG

Prithviraj does a good job. There is a kind of casualness in his approach, which was missing previously. Kavya Madhavan looks stunning. Kavery, who has made a comeback with this film, gets noticed as the unwed elder sister. Jayasurya seems to be establishing himself as the villain in Malayalam films.On the whole, Kangaroo could have worked out as a family entertainer if it had been well-edited. Now, it simply tests the viewers’ patience.


  1. 2 more hits to prithvi’s credit i am seeing dileep to follow jayaram’s lead into oblivion.
    Jayasurya has a good comic sense – see him as a judge on ISS. I think jayasurya could be your friendly paraveppu villain – he cannot be like the old balan k nair or t.g ravi

  2. Saw the movies yesterday. I was shocked to read that Kavya looks stunning. PLeeeese give me a break. She acts well but looks older with too much of makeup in many scenes. Prithvi has acted well. Movie is good. Looks like Kavya likes to cling to actors for success, first it was Dileep and now Prithvi …

  3. Nu,
    Well kavya has to play her game dileep is ditching her for roma and other new comers, mammotty and lal want to act with actress who are the same age as their grand daughters. What should malayalikaludey swantham kavya should do

  4. Matt, I totally agree with you. Looks like she has signed one with Fatty(Mohan)Lal. They will make a wonderful pair.

  5. Kavya looks so sexy and beautiful in the song scene….I didn’t watch the movie…But Prithvi-Kavya is a great pair and people like them a lot.

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  7. Ravi – you don’t understand – maybe because you are her fan. Kavya tends to cling to stars … look what happened to Dileep and her pairing. Alos, like your M&M’s why can’t some good (OOps people don’t like it) or rather upcoming stars get new ladies for every movie. I will accept Kavya as a GOOD actor, but her pairing with Prithvi is turning out to be stale.

  8. NU,

    Maybe because producers dont want to put all their money on an upcoming star. Maybe they know what they are doing.

    And I do believe Lal and Kavya make a good pair for a traditional story.

  9. How is Prithvi’s kangaroo auto driver compared to Lal’s in Aye Auto.

    I saw the song sequence of Prithvi with his Auto friends and remembered ‘Sundari’ song sequence in Aye Auto.

  10. I did watch the movie. It is a good family movie, which I feel will not sell BIG. But the response it gets ensures Prithvi has arrived. Since all the Xmas movies except KP, which draws above average crowd, and wash out of Flash this performance makes sense. Kavya looks same, some told she trimmed, but may be Prithvi, who got the best shaped body in Malayalam cinema is not that fat to his 6 feet height, she measures little broader.
    Watchable movie.

  11. kangaroo is definately a watchbble entertainer prithvi is going high keep it up my boy

  12. i really luv the is also a good entertainer as chocolate .
    in both films prithvi rocks .

    i and my frds waiting for LOLLIPOP.

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