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Preview: Katha Parayumbol


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Sudama was a childhood friend of Krishna, but they lost touch with each other. Sudama remained a poor brahmin and when he went through bad times in his life his wife reminded him of Krishna. Reluctantly Sudama went to meet Krishna and you know what happened. Srinivasan’s version of the story consists of the friendship of a barber and a film actor.

Balan has always been a straightforward kind of guy, who never likes to depend on anyone else to meet his needs. Even when he is in dire straits financially, he doesn’t seek the help of anyone and tries his best to make both ends meet. People always talk good about him and even hold him in high esteem.

In the meantime, there spreads news in the village that Balan is actually a close friend of the popular actor and superstar Ashokraj, who is acting in a film that is going to be shot in the village.

No one knows as to where from this news had originated and who had spread it. But with the news getting spread in the village, Balan becomes sort of a VIP there. Things begin to take a sea change for Balan and his wife. Balan’s wife Sreedevi too boasts much about her husband’s friendship with Ashokraj and all. What all happens then forms the plot of ‘Katha Parayumbol’, in which Sreenivasan becomes Balan and Mammootty becomes Ashokraj.[Katha Parayumbol’: Interesting story]

Srinivasan’s staple plot device is a person with inferiority complex and with that element itself many scenes come automatically. There will be references to his skin color and lack of education and there will be many scenes in which he embarrasses others. We are not sure when this inferiority complex syndrome Nagavalli got into Srinivasan, but he has successfully cashed it from the Nadodikaatu trilogy all way till Yes, Your Honor.
While the people behind the movie are veterans, the unknown factor is the talent of the director, Mohanan who is making his debut. Then, he is Srinivasan’s brother-in-law and we hope he would have got proper guidance from the man who directed Thalathil Dineshan of Vadakkunokkiyantram and Vijayan Mashu of Chinthavishtayaya Shyamala.

In this movie, co-produced by Mukesh and Srinivasan, Mammotty plays the character without the inferiority complex. Srinivasan, one of the talented writers of Malayalam comedy, has written entertaining movies like Azhakiya Ravanan and Maravathoor Kanavu with Mammotty in the lead role, but then no one was impressed with Bhargavacharitham Moonnam Khandam. So, when it comes to this movie, it is like trying to predict the outcome of a Jayaraj movie; it could be either very good or watchable, but one thing for sure is that the comedy will have some minimum standards.

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  1. The thread of Katha parayumbol seemed to have come from the friendship between Shankardas the returned Bombay Don and Ambujakshan the novelist cum tailor of Azhakiya ravanan, though Sreenivasan denied this in a recent interview.

    Salim Kumar looks funny with the Pannyan Hair-do

  2. Katha Parayumbol is definitely the best movie released in Malayalam after Ore Kadal. With a little bit more editing – of songs and unwanted comedy scenes- the film is definitely a classic – a movie to be remembered for decades. It is just like reading a short story. Hats off to Sreenivasan and Mukesh for this brave effort. From the reactions in the theatre, I felt sad that this movie may not be a super hit, as always in Malayalam where good movies flop, but I am proud to be a Malayali after seeing this movie.

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