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Preview: Kangaroo


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After 28 movies, the trade circles think that Prithviraj can be a solo hero. When Classmates was a super hit, it was said that it was not a single hero movie. When his roles in Vargam and Vasthavam were said to be good, it was suggested that he cannot do comedy. Now that Chocolate is a big hit, new goal posts have to be found or the existing ones have to be shifted for higher excellence, like he cannot speak Arabic very well or he has not danced in the streets of New Zealand with Kavya Madhavan.

Such opportunities will be abound when Prithviraj’s new movie gets released in December.

Prithviraj plays Josekutty of Palakunnel family, who despite being a graduate, takes up the job of an auto driver, in order to support his family, which is suffering from a financial crisis. Kind-hearted Josekutty has a good friend circle too–Manmadhan, Chellappan and Prasanth. Once, when he happens to find a one-and-half-year-old child on the streets, he decides to adopt and bring up the child. Since that moment, he takes the child wherever he goes, providing him all needed care.[Prithviraj’s Kangaroo set to release in Christmas ]

The movie is directed by Raj Babu who is known for the Dileep action-thriller Chess which turned out to be a boring  action-thriller. Since this Kangaroo is being marketed as a comedy movie, we are not sure, if it will turn out to be a boring comedy movie. That depends on the talents of J. Pallassery who is not known for comedies. Also one of the last movies Pallassery scripted, Panthayakozhi, turned out to be anything but a fighting rooster.

In December, this movie, which also stars Kavya Madhavan and Jayasurya is going face tough competition from both M&M’s and Dileep’s Romeo. Right now the question facing most vc readers is: Is Dileep 10% of Prithviraj or is Prithviraj 10% of Dileep. The answers to those questions can be found before the New Year.


  1. It took Dileep 48 movies and 8 years to gain confidence of the industry.

    The resent fading of M&M has helped Prithvi Raj. He is not as good as varnachithra likes to portray. But the sad fact is he is the best we have got.

    The question if Prithvi Raj can bring audience to theators all on his own is still open.

  2. Is the photo from the movie Kangaroo or from Vaastavam??? It looks like it is from Vaastavam.. Anyways I am eagerly waiting for Kangaroo.. I hope it is a good film or rather an entertaining movie worth my ticket price…

  3. Sick of seeing Kavya with Prithvi. Prithvi is trying to establish himself in this industry, it is high time he avoids this stale jodi with Kavya. Having a fresh face like Roma, made a big defference to ‘Chocolate’. Hope he realises it. ALso, even Madhuri Dixit after two kids looks younger than Kavya. In some movies Kavya looks older than Prithvi. Prithvi, Please wake UP !!!

  4. unnikrishnan,
    looks like the above picture is from vaasthavam. Prithvi distinctly sported the kumkum on his forehead the entire length of the movie.

  5. Kavya looks very pretty in the stills of her Tamil movie.

  6. His movies with Kavya (Classmates and Vasthavam) has only helped his career

    She acceptance among audience has helped both Vasthavam and Classmates.

  7. Sorry, I don’t agree with you Sandeep. Yes, the pair looks stale, you know old – specially Kavya needs help with her dresss sense – she looks heavy and older in most of the pictures. Sad that prithvi doesn’t have any one other than Kavya when older stars NEVER repeat thier heroines !!!

  8. you know, for a change from what I could see in youtube, the pair look ok in the new movie kangaroo.. happened to watch a duet sequence and Kavya could do some fast movements for a change..and doesn’t look old next to Prithviraj.

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