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Preview: Romeo


The stars, both the ones up in the sky and down on earth have been cruel to Dileep. The twinkle twinkle little star messed up with the release date of July 4 and it was released on July 5 and it exploded like the brain of a Vinayan movie spectator. Down to earth star Meera threw her tantrums and one such tantrum hit Dileep and Calcutta has not made any News. Thus Dileep has been reeling under a dry spell for about six months like Malayalees on a prohibition day.

Finally in December a new Dileep movie is going to be released. This time he has not chosen any auspicious day like Bakrid or Christmas but a rather uneventful day like Dec 14. Remember that scene in Lagaan where the villagers dance around seeing the rain clouds (Ghanana Ghanana song); for Dileep fans it is such a moment when they eagerly await the release of Romeo. With this movie, Dileep returns to his strengths – mimicry, oops, we mean comedy. In the movie he plays Manu, a male home nurse who romances Vimala Raman and Samvritha Sunil at the same time.

The script writers Rafi-Mercartin know one story, which is basically mixup of people and circumstances and they have mixed it very well in movies like Thenkasi Pattanam and Punjabi House. Then there is their guru Rajasenan who basically knows to make one type of movie. When all these single act ponies get together for a movie, the resulting story line can be predicted. Then after watching movies like Alibhai, Paradesi and Rock’n’Roll everyone could use a little laugh, even if it is the predictable one.


  1. For VC only prithviraj knows acting. This is really biased. Dileep is better actor that Prithviraj(who can´t do atleast 10% what dileep did in chandhupottu, kunhikoonan or thenkasi pattanam).

  2. JK, it is also easy to say Dileep cannot do 10% of what Prithviraj did in Vargam and Vasthavam. When Dileep tries to get all serious, it has a comic effect, case and point is:Don. So we can go on and on about the abilities or disabilities of actors.

  3. Dileep is never above Prithviraj. He can never do the roles of Prithviraj done in Vargam, Vasthavam, Classmates, Ananthabhadram and many more.. Daivanamathil deserves special mention.

    Dileep cannot even dream Stop Violence.

    Dileep is a limited actor.. he is limited only to comedy roles…

  4. Nikhil, you are absolutely right. Dileep is very skilled in doing comedy roles like Meesha Madhavan and even complicated roles like Chanthupottu. He is trying his best to get out of that image, but then it is very hard for him to pull it off. Also, unless you can pull it off, the future looks very bleak and he may go the path of Jayaram. If you just keep doing comedy roles, tomorrow another comedy actor will come and take your spot.

  5. Both Dleep & Prithviraj have certain limitations.

    If Dileep cant do a Vargam or Vaasthavam, Prithviraj cannot do a Kunjikoonan or Chandupottu.

    the scenario is just like Mohanlal & Mammootty.

    Mohanlal can never do an Amaram or Inspector Balram, and Mammootty can never do a Kilukkam or Nadodikaattu.

    So while praising actors, be aware of their limitations too.

  6. Nikhil, In Anadhabadram when Manoj(Dhigambaran) did Parakayapravesham in Prithviraj´s body I can see the difference between the two actors. Prithvi was no way near to Manoj´s expression as both of them required to express the same. What special he did in Classmates that Dileep can´t do?
    If Prithviraj got Vaasthavam, dileep can show Lion or Runway which did even better business than Vargam or Vaasthavam.

  7. Dear Ludacris , plz don’t compare prithviraj and dileep scenario with mamooty’s and mohanlal’s scenario.
    Both of them belong to completely different league and it’s not justified to compare them with prithviraj or dileep.

    Niju nair

  8. Oh if we are talking about financial success then didn’t Classmates make much more money than Lion and Runway combined? Rooting for an actor is fine, but sacrificing logic for it makes the argument comical.

  9. I feel, neither Dileep nor Prithvi worth a mention in their acting skill, they have limitations than strengths..Dileep survises ( or may survive) with humour and Prithvi is always ‘flat’ with nothing special in his actiing or style. He is an actor with no improvement from his ‘Nakshathrakannulla…..’ to Chocolate. ( I agree he did very well in frst movie, after Saikumar in his frst movie)

  10. I mean he did very well, as we are seeing him for the first time. Now his style/presence creates a ‘Chedippu’

  11. Deepak,
    I have been comparing the financial success of action movies from Dileep and Privthiraj. If you are taking classmates for comparison, dont forget that Dileep have many hits like Panjabihouse, Thenkasipattanam or MeesaMadhavan to compare.

  12. saw the movie today. what a bore!

  13. Comparisons are limited only to fans. Both are not same. Lal cannot do some roles of Mammoo and vice versa. Similarly Dileep (who is 15 years older than Prithvi at 39) and Prithvi cannot be compared. However Prithvi has showsn versatality in his tender age than any actor except Lal. It is a plain fact. His role in many ex, Mozhi, Kanakandain, Violence, Chocolate, Chakram, Vasthavam, Vargam, Classmates, Diavanamathil, Akale are nothing short of excellent. He got more range than Dileep, that is for sure. He is the best in Romantic roles, excellent in action (the best in Malayalam, when super Stars do it close camera positions and dupes), comedy he is to improve, etc. Dileep can do comedy next to Lal and complex roles still with comedy. That is all.

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  15. heyyy who is this dileep and prithviraj to spoke about.. they have a long way to reach… dont use mohanlal or mammootty while speaking about these guys….. they are on top of the malayalam movie

  16. jinesh, thanks for letting us know that M&M are the top. that is new information to the people here. the debate is not if dileep and prithviraj are equivalent to mammotty or mohanlal, it is just that some of us prefer to watch people our age in movies compared to people our grand father’s age. that’s all.

  17. Nandanam, Violence, Chakram, Vasthavam, Vargam, Classmates, Diavanamathil.

    In the above movies I didnt find much range from Prithvi. His strong points are that he is young, good looking, no tummy. On acting side he is composed, doesnt strain himself into doing things he cannot.

    Because of that his Love (Classmates/Nandanam/Vasthavam) doesnt seem strong enough for us to care for. We dont feel like his romance SHOULD succeed in Classmates/Vasthavam, we are more interested in other aspects of the story. And in Nandanam, well we want Navya’s belief to succeed. Dileep is able to convice of his TRUE love in some of the movies.

    Does he really look a angry young man in any of his movies (Violence, Chakram, Vasthavam, Vargam, iavanamathil). He fails to convince us that society FORCED him to become Currupt/Terrorist/Gunda/Sinic. Suresh Gopi atleast seems angry.

  18. Actually Suresh Gopi’s anger is cartoonish rather than believable. Watching his movies is like reading a comic book, on the other hand Prithviraj’s movies still have that human element in them.

  19. Prithviraj is the Salman Khan of malayalam cinema. 🙂

  20. Considering Jib’s self-set preferences, hopefully Prithviraj will do a Bachhan-style comeback after his 60s. If not, Jibs will have to quit seeing movies post-retirement. Unless he finds an age-defying potion for himself to be eligible for watching the then ‘young’ stars.. that is.

  21. Vinod V, Sorry man, I would prefer watching Dileep and Prithviraj as college students any day than Mohanlal and Jagathi trying to act like teenagers in Rock’n’Roll and other assorted movies. Each person has his own preferences. Maybe you like Late Kottarakkara Sreedharan Nair, Kaviyoor Ponamma and Mamu Koya as young actors, but I don’t.

  22. I was just reading the exchange between Jibs and Vinod V. I think Vinod was just being funny and Jibs, obviously is devoid of a sense of humor or character for that matter. His jibe at veterans like KS Nair and KP show an utter lack of appreciation and class. Grow up, Jibs!

  23. Kunal, I felt the other way. I thought Vinod’s comment was a lame attempt at humor while I was laughing reading Jib’s remarks. Jibs is right, we have this institutionalized admiration for certain actors and if people differ, then the establishment gets upset. Vinod is a prime example.

  24. Kunal, Why do you think what Jibs wrote about K S Nair and KP show utter lack of appreciation and class? I did not find it offensive in anyway and I could see his point. Can you please explain?

  25. Well said Vinod, I am not saying no new actors or actresses should grow up. But it´s not acceptable that to grew up the young ones, other senior actors should retire. “College students mathram padam kandal poreee, nhangal kurachu vayassanmarkkum cinema kanane…”.

  26. @ Jibs: Your apology is accepted. 🙂 . I am humbled by your humility.

    And yes, I would consider myself lucky if I could see Late Kottarakara’s performance as a young man. If those eyes could hold that much fire as they did in his old age, how mesmerizing they could have been when they had the strength and stamina of youth.

    Sad is the manner how we make up for the hyper-admiration for certain actors – by lack of minimal respect for certain others.

    @ Deepak: I sincerely hope I would be able to come up to your expectations in the future. I would obviously want each one of you applauding when I (try to) crack jokes. Hope you don’t mind me growing up. Even Prithvi had a “Nakshathrakanulla Rajakumaran …” before “Chocolate”. Didn’t he?

  27. I dont remember MohanLal/ Jagathy acting as “teenage heroes” in any recent malayalam movies.

    Lal acted as a widower in Hallo. In the movie, its mentioned that he is an advocate. The movie was slapstick but became a BIG hit ( I hope the hard core Prithvi fan-atics in this forum woulndt dispute that) because malayalis continue to love to see him in comedy roles. (and they forget his age in the process)

    In Pardesi, he’s shown in all ages. It flopped because it was of an art genre. No two ways about his acting. It was an award winning performance.

    In Alibai, he’s a Union leader, not a teenager. It was an utter bore and deservedly got its treatment. Shaji Kailas is clearly lost for ideas.

    In Rock and Roll, he’s an NRI composer. It also was not as big a flop as Alibai – just average. Renjith has become stale and it clearly shows.

    Shah Rukh a 40+guy romances Deepika who is less than half his age. Rajnikanth romances his son in law’s heroine.

    For people who criticise M& M’s for their flops, do you think they purposely act in these movies knowing these would flop ? If producers knew the heart of the masses, there woulndt be any flops at all.

    If malayalis were blind in awe of any actor, all the movies of that actor would have become hits. All of prithvi’s/ Lal’s/ Mammotty’s movies would have been hits.

    As for young heroines, already there has been so much talk here on how stale Kavya looks besides Prithvi and she’s hardly old enough. Normally directors do cast fresh/imported faces in movies, with/without recommendation from heroes.

    PS: There’s lal’s College Kumaran coming out. Before you come up in arms, he’s just a canteen manager of a college in that.

  28. Vinay, There is a difference between “acting like” and “acting as”. If you make that distinction, your whole comment makes no sense.

  29. We should not stop at K S Nair. We should see if J C Daniel and Rosy are available. If their DNA is available, we could inject it into a monkey and do some Jurrasic Park like stuff and bring them alive. With the skin grafting technology, like what they did for Rajnikanth in Shivaji we could make them look like teen agers or even babies. For songs like “Ee Nilavum, Ee Kulir Kaatum”, they would point to the nilavu and kulir kaatu and do action songs the way 1st standard students do on school day celebrations. All these realistic yougsters are too much.

  30. jibs – You can replace “as” with “like” and my arguments still hold good. ultimately people like only fresh movies OR big-budget extravaganza’s. These so called movies can contain Prithvi/ 2 M’s. Ultimately its the content of the movie that matters. Good movies can flop and aveerage movies can be hits.

    How can the stars be blamed for their movies flopping.? I dont believe anyone intentionally would act in a flop movie. They are acting in bad products concieved by their directors.
    Very few directors and script-writers in malayalam are talented. Those that are talented have ego problems.

    So my point is critcizing the two M’s for acting as/like teenagers is wrong. Basically they dont have too much of a choice in the sripts offered to them.

  31. Deepak & Suneel – Folks, you had reservations about my comments about Jibs. Well, by commenting about JC Daniel, who is considered as the father of Malaylam Cinema, in such puerile fashion, Jibs has clearly shown his lack of sense of humor and utter lack of character. I rest my case.

    Vinay – You are spot on with your comments. Today it is the content of a movie that dictates its box office performance and not its stars. As long as the movies of the two M’s run, there will be producers willing to shell out money to them. There is no point in folks like Jibs jibing at such talented performers. He can choose to sit at home and not watch their movies rather than take such cheap potshots at unarguably two of the finest actors in the country.

  32. Surprising to see today’s youngsters are stuck in time and refusing to move on. It’s time M and M’s accept roles and antics suiting their age. But looks like even before that they will have to educate and pacify their core fan base. It’s hard to believe that this state has no good talented actors who can be the future of Malayalam cinema. And it’s a pity that mediocrity like Dileep, Suresh Gopi and all strut around as superstars.

  33. Kunal, Jibs wrote:
    the debate is not if dileep and prithviraj are equivalent to mammotty or mohanlal, it is just that some of us prefer to watch people our age in movies compared to people our grand father’s age. that’s all.
    How does this become a pot shot? He does not like watching M&M. Are you saying that it is not acceptable?

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