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Preview: Boot


Here is some news for you: The grass is green. The sky is blue. Another Suresh Gopi-Shaji Kailas movie is getting released. This time there are three interesting things about the movie. First, the story of the movie was a secret and no reporters were allowed on the set. We hoped that at least the director and the actors knew the story. Second, the movie was finished in 22 days. But then is this really a big deal because in any Suresh Gopi/Shaji Kailas movie everyone pretty much knows what to say or do so they should have finished it much earlier.

Now the third thing: the movie is a tragic love story. No, we are not talking about the producer of the movie, but the story of the movie itself which has been made public. The movie is set in a Holiday Home, which is a place frequented by tourists and lovers. When the character Rahul Krishna (Bala) and Meera Nambiar (Honey George) reach this place something bad happens.

Suresh Gopi plays the investigative officer who comes to a hill station to find the real culprits behind a murder, which rocked the state. Shaji Kailas has made Boot in a different way from his usual style of film making. There is a lot of suspense element in the movie, with a twist in the climax. The film is very important for Gopi and Kailas who are going through a bad phase.[`Boot` on Dec 7 ]

Every time we read the words, Suresh Gopi, Shaji Kailas, different way of film making, we fall of our chair laughing for selling Lux soap in a new cover does not make it new lux soap. If Shaji Kailas wants to see different way of film making, he has to see Vargam and Chocolate back to back or Paradesi and Rock’n’Roll back to back. Changing an IPS officer to a CBI officer is not different film making.

According to Shaji Kailas, he chose the name Boot because it is the right symbol for people who have been oppressed through the ages. It would be the right name for the Shaji Kailas movie since he has been oppressing us with terrible movies for the past decade or so. But then hey who are we to tell Shaji Kailas what to do. If he wants to make another police training video, he should do it. As viewers we will evaluate on its merit or else we will go and watch OSO again.

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