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Preview: Thalappavu


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Karl Marx, when he wrote the Communist Manifesto in 1848 believed that, ” capitalism will be displaced by communism, a classless society after another transitional period in which the state would be nothing else but the revolutionary dictatorship of the proletariat.” Nothing of that sort happened and communism turned out to be the worst economic system in the world. Practitioners of that movement sent the maximum number of people into poverty and even more to death. Communism also gave us psychopaths like Lenin, Stalin, Mao, Pol Pot and Che Guevara and their death camps.

In India, off shoots like Naxalites specialized in murdering people in the name of class warfare. They did not believe in elections or democracy or following the law, because they were made to believe that everyone was their enemy. There are lot of people like grievances, but if everyone starts shooting others, nothing will get solved and the Naxalites never figured this one out. The State too reacted brutally against these murderers by using force to maintain law and order. When a policeman P. Ramachandran Pillai told how he had killed Naxal Varghese in 1970, it showed that the state too did not follow the laws they were supposed to uphold.

The story of Naxal Varghese and P. Ramachandran Pillai is now being told in a new movie titled Thalapavu and it stars Prithviraj as the Naxal and Lal as Mr. Pillai. The movie is directed by Madhupal, the actor and it is being filmed around the Aleppey area. Prithviraj at a young age has portrayed very complex political characters in Padmakumar movies like Vargam and Vasthavam and this one will take him one more step in the serious political movie genre. The movie is written by Babu Janardhanan who has written excellent movies like Vasthavam and Achanurangatha Veedu and is competent to handle this theme. The new person in this venture is Madhupal, who has not directed a movie before, but as we have seen most new directors in Malayalam seem to be doing very well.

We had lot of “fun” movies this year like Alibhai, Mayavi and Black Cat that we are looking forward to this serious political movie. Then even with political movies you have to take care for Ranjan Pramod tried to do something in Photographer and the film was white washed and even the star power of Mohanlal could not save it. If the movie is gripping and has a balanced presentation, it could have an audience.
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  1. Actually its Ramchandran Nair, not Pillai

  2. Hi
    I wish someone save Malayalam cinema.
    Mohanlal should take a break, I would say and wait for some really good movies to come his way.

    I still am unable to accept a Prithviraj and likes.
    I live with the hope that Mohanlal will be back with a great flick.
    Miss all the old movies of his, the unemployed, and newly employed “prarabdhakaaran” types.


  3. Yes, I agree with Nikhil.

    Mohanlal should take a break.

    Every actor has a peak in his career, and Mohanlal’s prime was from the late 80’s to mid 90’s. Now he’s way past his prime. He’s lost most of his subtle expressions and his comic timing too. He is constantly hamming in his so called comedy movies. Its about time he stopped running behind teenage girls and accept mature roles like Amitabh Bachchan. But again, this will not happen as long as his hardcore fans want him to stay young forever. Like Mohanlal said in Udayanaanu Thaaram, there’s a limit for what make-up can conceal. The costly wigs and make-up are not helping Mohanlal to conceal his age anymore. The same applies to Mammootty & Suresh Gopi too.

    Coming to the new generation, only Prithviraj & Indrajith have shown flashes of talent, with Prithviraj being a step ahead. Just the movie Vargam is enough to prove what Prithviraj is capable of. Since both of them are in their mid 20’s, there’s a long time for them to grow into mature and brilliant performers. They havent even peaked in their careers!! So, I’m more than willing to wait.

    Thalappavu will be a hard hitting film. Hope Madhupal & Prithvi to deliver big time. The stills look promising too. It could create a political controversy in Kerala for its explosive subject. Lets wait and see.

  4. Yes that’s right Mohanlal should wait for good roles.But Pardesi was not accepted .But that dose’nt mean it was bad movie.Mohanlal’s peformance was excellent.

  5. Paradesi (yawn) is another good example for a good theme destroyed by bad script & direction. The movie was painfully slow and aimless.

  6. well i disagree with the above comments..i don think mohanlal shd take a break and all..but he shd avoid acting as a youngster in movies..mohanlal is a genius is advice to mohanlal is, select middle aged roles, and not college roles.. i still like mohanlal’s acting..coz he acts effortlessly
    the only promising new comer is prtivi..he too acts superbly..i strongly belive he will rule malayalam movie industry in the yrs to come..

  7. “I wish someone save Malayalam cinema.
    Mohanlal should take a break, I would say and wait for some really good movies to come his way.”

    Actors or Super Stars or your “Heroes” can never save cinema. Mohanlal might be a good actor, but listening to his interviews and stuff, he doesn’t know a thing about cinema. Its the same thing with most actors anyway. They become famous for portraying a bunch of characters and people go crazy over them. But what the mass doesn’t realize is that all they do is just act. Thats their main involvement.

    What we need to improve is good FILMMAKERS and good script writers first, above everything else.

    Seriously, actors just get toooo much credit in Indian Cinema.

    Why don’t we give more credit to the creators?

    and I’m so tired of comparing acting skills btw actors?? Whats with that man?

    Do you people like CINEMA (or your cool “heroes”) or what?

  8. “But what the mass doesn’t realize is that all they do is just act” – Sorry Jimmy Steward – arent actors supposed to ACT?

  9. Yes, actors are supposed to act, nothing more and nothing less.

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