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MovieMazaa Review : Rock n Roll



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Rock ‘n Roll is a blandly orchestrated sonata that repeatedly falls flat amidst refrains that spring up sans vigor or verve. Forget being a musical, this detriment of a film is an affront to the senses that exceeds even your lowest expectations. Fumbling across unsure strains, this is a coarse attempt at artistic symphony that’s justly ripped apart by the crudeness of its traits and the impropriety of its attributes.

Chandra Mouli (Mohan Lal) is a drummer of international repute, who like almost any other archetypal Ranjith hero travels across Beunos Aires to Cape Town; from Phnom Penh to Dar Es Salaam to God-alone-knows-where else. Wine and women lie streaked across his vagabond life until he meets Daya Srinivasan (Lakshmi Rai), ace singer, and abruptly realizes that love lies exceptionally entwined with destiny.

It all commences with an extensive tête-à-tête on the frantic human desire to be in idyllic love and ends pretty much there. A progression beyond this initiation never ensues even as a whole lot of worthless bantering that’s more malevolent than impish goes on. Mohanlal retraces a few steps with this drummer role; a feeble alteration of the composer that he was in Kizhakkunarum Pakshi, now retuned in a diverse mise-en-scene and a quite repellent one at that. Holding on to what’s left of the script crumbs he makes a few frenetic efforts before agonizingly succumbing to the inevitable. There’s a whole lot of happening virtually leading to nothing and hence a horde of actors mouthing quite a bit and emoting not a bit.

Perhaps the principal discontent vis-à-vis the film that is that you keep hoping for things to get better, but they end up on the contrary even more cluttered than ever. It comes to a point after awhile where you get dead beat sifting through the muddle and stray away; with no far flung intent of a probable return. The liberal bouts of ideologies that Ranjith vehemently endeavors to shove down our ill fated throats serve involuntarily but incredibly well as a laxative; the toilet hilarity has a noxious consequence in that it raises more sneers than grins all around.

It seems a real droll that an author who remains fixated with the celestial brunt of love should pen in lines that are engrossed in insolence; a sloppy compilation of real offensive gags that are never witty and very seldom enthused. A debacle in almost every sense, the screenplay lies rotten somewhere in the thrash cans inexorably breaking way to the pandemonium that gradually ensues. The clamor gets louder and the idiocy even more unendurable and you realize that this is so wrong; so terribly wrong. A couple of appealing tunes by Vidyasagar serve as the only saving grace in this otherwise ghastly hodgepodge even as Bijipal thunders around with the background music often annoyingly raising a raucous hell at the most inopportune of moments.

Rock ‘n roll reeks and wails; it neither hips nor hops, but scurries across a host of muffled notes that crassly craft a hideous ambience drenched in tedium and ennui. Inert, unsavory and real grubby, Rock ‘n Roll is an exceptional paradigm of filmmaking gone totally off beam and wholly off heart.

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  1. I agree that the story has similarity with kizhakunarum pakshi. But change in appearence of mohanlal from typical renjith-Lal film is a plus point. Renjith satisfied the mohanlal fans at its extreme Renjith convinced that he can make use the potential of mohanlal as a humour character.

  2. Another lal movie made for and enjoyed by only lal fans. Others can spend their quality time watching some soap on TV rather than spending bucks on this intolerable hideous movie.

    Mohanlal is well on his way to become the next Vijaykanth.. i.e making movies strictly for FANS ONLY !!

  3. Lal Fans are celebrating the victory of Rock N Roll. Renjith has a quality to boost Lalettan”s manerism and he had done it. But apart from an cent percent entertainer the film is a big Zero.
    So just for fun you can watch it. The story is “kizhakunarum pakhi” developed in a “Hello” model. Mohanlal ,suraj and jagati are the highlights of this entertainer.

  4. The songs of R&R make you retch. That “vala” song had a bunch of “muthukkanmaar” dancing to no particular rhythym. And the other one – Chandamama – the focus is on the glamour display of Lakshmi Rai, who incidentally is better known in Tamil for her glamour display in B grade flicks.

    Pity that a director of Ranjith’s caliber has to resort to such cheap gimmicks to win over people.
    The renjith who scripted classics like “Peruvannapurathe visheshngal”, “Devasuram” and Kaiyoppu recently.

    Really dont understand how Lal is accepting movies. He himself has a “weakness” for friends (besides other things) – like Shaji Kailas, Renjith etc. He also says that he evaluates a script properly before he commits to a movie – if thats the case why IS he acting in such cr@p stuff like these?

    And Sweta Menon is now becoming a permanent fixture in Lal movies. Hee Hoo Hum 🙂

  5. I just saw Chandrolsavam on TV last night- what an abysmal movie. Does Lal even read the scripts before deciding to make these pieces of trash?

  6. Mohanlal select script based on the personal relations and based on who is the heroine. He has declared that he had achieved the landmark of screwing more than 3000 women in his life. Now those who can offer more and more screwable viable heorines will get his call sheet. Now you know why Swetha Menon is repeated in his films.

  7. Asha, Do you want to become his next heroine ?

  8. if the chicks are willing why cant he do the yo yo…

    R n R is a fresh entertainer…a light hearted comedy…..I appreciate Renjith for changing his route,atleast for the effort….

    We should appreciate such kind of different attempts….And the songs are refreshing too…

  9. If movies like Thurupugulan,CID MOOSA,kochirajavu can become hits,RnR too….

  10. mohanlal looks like dad when he falls for diva. he shud be banned from the love hero scenes. this story looks as if dad falls for daughter like gal.

    he’s too old yaar. he shud now be fit for daddy like role and pls lal and ranjith give him tht role. it really looks wierd wen he of 50’s fall for a small gal like diva.

    mohan lal pls stop playing young roles. give some air for young actors to breathe yaar. let them play such roles.

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