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First Malayali Female Music director?


Revathi’s first film as a director Mitr, My Friend had mostly women working behind the scenes. The cinemotagraphy was by Fowzia Fathima, the script was by Priya V. and Sudha Kongara, the editor was Beena Paul, and music was by Bhavatharini Ilayaraja. While we don’t have many women cinemotographers, script writers or editors, there is one person who could become the first female music composer in Malayalam.

As a singer Gayatri has not sung many songs, but those which she has sung still brings bliss to us when we listen to then. Whether it is Deena Dayalu Rama, Enthe Nee Kanna, Chanchadi Aadi or Thumpi Kinnaram, they all are testimonies to her talent as a singer. What is less know is that she is also a composer.

“Until my spiritual guru Sri Sri Ravi Shankar told me one day, out of the blue, that I should start writing or composing something on my own, the thought hadn’t entered my mind at all,” says Gayatri, who dreams of setting up a band that plays fusion music. She does sing some of her compositions at her concerts.
“Composing gives you a high. There is nothing like creating something on your own. I had composed four songs in the last album of bhajans I did – ‘Vishudhi.’ I made Hariharan listen to one of them – a Meera bhajan. When he said that he liked the refreshing way I had used raga Jogkauns, I was overjoyed. I had also tuned a song in my first album of bhajans, ‘Anahata.'” She has also composed a few ghazals as well as some thumris. [Notes of excellence]

Will any courageous producer or director be willing to give a break to her or will they stay with the male bastion?

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  1. I think there are many other female music directors around and it’s just that they don’t get a chance they really deserve. Pushpa, a karnatik music teacher and another Thrissurian, had composed an album of Kabir bhajans translated into Malayalam. Perhaps you guys would have listened to it one of my earlier posts in my blog when I posted 3 song clips from her album.

    She composed and sung all the songs and it was such a wonderful work. She didn’t even have a sound financial support to release the album and it was mainly sold through events held in Thrissur. Later to earn a good living, she had to give up teaching music here in Thrissur and migrate to a gulf country as the schools out there would give a better career (financial) opportunity for music teachers. This kind of migration to gulf countries is quite visible in our state as musicians have no value or take it up as a career here.

    Since it is not just the talent that matters in the industry, we will have to wait and see how ‘luck’ is going to treat Gayathri.

  2. This is great news!

    Indian movie industry is too much male-dominated so that even if there are talented female technicians/directors, its very difficult for them to get a chance.

    Wishing all the best for Gayathri..

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