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Gods must be Crazy


This is the second post from our guest humour columnist, Jibs

There is an interesting story doing rounds about Nasrani’s release. After the debacle of July 4th Director Joshi had consulted an astrologer to find out ways to make Nasrani a hit. It’s the same astrologer who vandalised Joshi’s name to Joshiey. The astrologer suggested that the movie would do good business if it is released at 2:03 AM. Joshiey & Co found out that even staunchest of Mammootty fan would not come to see the movie at that hour and so Joshiey made a tactical decision: release the movie at 2:03 PM. The rest as they say was history – Chocolate became a hit.

July 4th is considered the lucky day for Dileep. Director Joshiey has the astrologically perfect name. Both came together and made a movie called July 4th. Just like how mixing whisky and brandy would give you a bad hangover, this astrologically perfect love child unfortunately got released on July 5th and gave a perfect dud. AMMA and MACTA setup separate enquiry commissions to find faults; whether it was Joshiey’s name or Dileep’s lucky date or whether to send an astronaut to see if budhan had an affair with sukran.

The question which is troubling me badly is this: had July 4 been released on July 4th, would the box-office story be any different? If Nasrani was released a minute before 2:03 pm would it have been more palatable to audiences all over Kerala? Would Joshiey vandalise his name further in his quest for elusive box office success? Human beings react differently in different circumstances. Some film makers fix their name or find a good time to offload their latest junk on unsuspecting viewers. Intelligent film makers would go back to drawing board and get a good script.


  1. Conversely, Jibs, does astrology affect the movie scene adversely?

  2. froginthewell, again it depends a lot on the relation between budhan and shukran. Let us say they are going for movies together, then no problem. but if shani is trying to irritate rahu, then it might affect everything that happens in the movie scene.

  3. Maybe Joshi can change his name to just Josh. if not his movies, atleast the name will have some ‘josh’ in it!

  4. Crass attempts at humour are more indicative of mediocrity than any astrology-related concern.

  5. Well, humour has changed ever since you went to the well, do come out and face the realities.Astrology is mainly confined to TV channels and Mimics parades now

  6. Some brands of crassness are timeless. So is faulty reasoning. Know your well, Jibs.

  7. VC – On maturer reflection, I apologize. I should have evaded the flame war.

  8. great post. loved the humor in this.

  9. Gods ain’t crazy. don’t blame them for the crap man does. what can they do if men look at stars 100 times a day? their hard drive would crash if they have to keep track of billion men’s activities. I guess they must be sleeping. Atleast that’s what I would do if I were God.

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