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Review Roundup: Chocolate


Shafi, the entertainer who can turn water into wine or movies without stories into mega hits has done it again. The movie could be the first solo hit for Prithviraj and it also shows that he can do comedy very well.

One of the first movie reviews about Chocolate was published here at vc by our guest contributor Movie Mazaa or MM for short. MM used a few words and metaphors which were later liberally found in reviews published by web sites of main stream media or MSM for short. (Watch out for the words in bold)

MM wrote

Chocolate is as scrumptious as it possibly can get. It’s a film that has its target audience chalked out in precise and exact strokes, and as such does a great job catering to its taste. Pretty darn funny at times, and wickedly humorous at others, it definitely won’t set new standards in film making, but would remain a true wild entry in the genre.

Chocolate is in no mood to lay itself down on a platter for a critical scrutiny, I agree. It doesn’t merit an elaborate analysis either. However, even a faint mark with an inquisitive scalpel would reveal chauvinism at its extreme in almost all the guffaws that it offers.

Shafi as the man at the helm has a real smart penchant for hit-craft as they call it and the film moves at a lightning pace towards a mirthful finish. Here he is a man with an excessively silly script and nothing much to say. And yet, and this is the most important point, he tremendously entertains.

IndiaGlitz wrote

Living by his words for the nth time, he again delivers another super hit that strictly entertains. His Ramzan flick ‘Chocolate’ is not a subtle film – It has only a thin line thread, and the script takes many too-predictable turns. Yet despite the lack of surprises, ‘Chocolate’ is indeed a hilarious comedy riot that knocks you over the head with its well directed sequences. With its target audience marked out in precise strokes, the film very well caters to their tastes and appeals without doubt.

But Shyam is also politically incorrect as they come. He insults the gang, tells offensive chauvinistic jokes, and generally goes out of his way to offend their leader Anna

Even though ‘Chocolate’ doesn’t set new standards in film making, it does provide just the right sort of escapist entertainment we’ve come to expect from films of this genre. Make  sure you  secure a seat at the earliest to enjoy this  hilarious  fun, which will definitely make you  give a smile that will linger.

Shafi  shows his real smart penchant for hit-craft  which he applies brilliantly  to hold the flick together  and present it at a lightning pace towards a jovial finish. It’s one of those films, that aren’t as much about the ending, as it is about the journey, which is hilarious, heart-warming and pleasant. And yet the most important point is that the flick tremendously entertains

Sify wrote

Shafi’s script is what makes the film work, its minty cool along with the comedy in the first half which is rip-roaring, and the drama within a play in the climax makes it sweet. He has been able to make it a non-stop entertainer with humour, romance and sentiments mixed in the right proposition. Added to that the Alex Paul- Vayalar Sarathchandra Varma teams music like the song Ishtam alle Chollu…, and the chic looking campus have made it rocking.

Pritviraj as Shyam has come out with his most lovable performance, letting his hair down and also proving that he has a gift for comedy and dramatic subtlety, which has remained neglected all these years. Pritvi’s petticoat scene is a riot! Roma is strikingly sweet while Samvrutha and Remya are OK. Jayasurya has played second fiddle to Pritvi, while Salim Kumar is once again able to bring the house down with his comic timing.

On the whole Chocolate is not only sweet, but hot –‘n’- happening. Go for it and enjoy!

Unni Nair writes

What would you expect from the director of films like One Man Show, Kalyanaraman, Pulivaal Kalyanam, Thommanum Makkalum and Mayavi? No doubt a full-length, colourful entertainer with an interesting story and ample dosages of humour, songs and well-choreographed dance sequences. Well, that’s exactly what Shafi gives you in his sixth and latest offering, which too is on the way to becoming another box office success. Chocolate, true to its name, is a yummy kind of film, one that you’d love to savour to the fullest extent. It’s colourful, entertaining and youthful to the core.

The songs have been choreographed well, in true Shafi style and sync perfectly with the theme and the mood. “Kalkanda Malare…” and “Ishtamalle…” are good ones. Technical aspects are excellent. Debutantes Sachi and Sethu, who penned the story and the script, deserve to be appreciated for having come up with so exciting an entertaining a subject. Bravo Shafi, Sachi, Sethu, Prithviraj, Roma and everyone else! To sum up, Chocolate is a clean entertainer, a perfect film for a festive season! Go and watch it with your family!

Paresh Palicha in Rediff writes

The premise may sound weird when read, but Shafi miraculously pulls it off with gusto. He has pulled off a lighter role with uncanny ease, effectively silencing all those who felt that the young actor was becoming a tad repetitive with his intense roles.

What follows is a rollicking ride through campus humour, which sometimes borders on innuendoes, but nevertheless flows seamlessly without any feeling of awkwardness. In fact this film can be an advocate for an inclusive society as we see our man struggling to find a urinal to relieve himself. But looking for depth will be futile. So relax and enjoy things while the going is good.

But the overall bouncy effect does not dissolve till the end. Things move swiftly under Shafi’s baton and don’t jangle on your nerves.


  1. Looks like some of the reviewers did a ’roundup’ before they started writing the review.

  2. “Shafi, the entertainer who can turn water into wine or movies without stories into mega hits has done it again.”

    Well some things don’t last!!

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