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Review Roundup: Nasrani


The lethal combination of Renjith, Johshiey and Mammotty had the potential to churn out something substantial, but all reviewers agree that it is just an average film.

Unni Nair writes

The big plus in Nazrani is no doubt Mammootty who is the saving grace for the film. His electrifying presence and his mesmerizing performance as DK is what makes the film sufferable. Otherwise it is just old wine, which has been served in too many cocktails before.

The biggest negative aspect of the film is that it offers nothing new and is far from being impressive. The final scenes which are typical in nature could even provoke you into booing. For all its flaws however, the film is definitely worth a watch if you go for it without any presumptions or prejudices, and just for the sake of watching Mammookka. Hats off to the superstar! Such films are necessary to retain the star-status, and are good for the industry on the whole. Having said that, one cannot but remark that Nazrani could have been made into a better movie, given the potential of the Joshi-Mammootty-Renjith trio.

Movie Buzz writes

Nasarani reminds you of Joshy’s mass masala multi-starrers of the late 70 and 80’s. The film lacks a tight screenplay and is disjointed, as Ranjit has mixed old wine with recent happenings in Kerala politics, to churn out a sugar-coated family trifle pudding. The film drags towards the climax, and there is even continuity jerk as too many characters are there for no real reasons. Ranjit and Joshy presents their protagonist as a macho man riding on Mammookka’s image, and to be honest that is the only thing that saves the movie.

Mammootty as the wise-cracking Nasrani gets all the plum lines and is quite wacky. He melds effortlessly from casual comedy, soft romance to utter seriousness with consummate ease. Mammookka as Nasarani is the only reason for investing in a movie ticket for this film.

Paresh Palicha writes

If you are wondering why Ranjith’s craftsmanship is discussed at length when the film is actually directed by veteran Joshiy, is because Nazrani has Ranjith’s stamp all over it. It is as if he had set out to redeem himself after the disaster of Prajapathi. That does not mean that everything about Nazrani is drastically new. It is just that things are presented after being properly dusted and shined.

The skeletal of the story is the same as in any Ranjith film of the past decade and half. Only the garb of the characters has changed to the rich rubber estate owners of the Kottayam region.Somehow, the narrative loses steam post interval, as it becomes a typical murder mystery without much momentum, which leaves Nazrani to be just an average film.

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