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Ramzan 2007 Preview: Chocolate


It’s not very often that Pritviraj gets signed up by A-list directors of Malayalam cinema, like Shafi. Shafi’s movies like Thommanum Makkalum and Mayavi, though they had stale themes, have earned the producer a lot of money. His movies may not win awards at the Berlin Film Festival, but he is one of those directors who has risen from the ranks and has good film making sense.

His latest movie, Chocolates is a campus based and tells the story of a male student joining a girls only college. Prithviraj, in Chocolates, has an opportunity to deliver his first solo hero hit.

Shyam is doing his post-graduate studies. He is the only male member in an all women’s college. As per University rules all women’s colleges can admit one male student for post-graduate studies in each subject. That’s how Shyam came to be in this college. Not that he did it of his on volition. His scholastic record during undergraduate days was nothing to write home about, consisting as it did of seven police cases and eight suspensions. It took quite a bit of arm twisting by his mother Vanaja, who taught Sociology in the college, and the active connivance of the principal to get him into the college.

Vanaja always thought that it was the company he kept that got her son into all the troubles, and getting him into an all women’s college was the surest way of getting rid of such company. But with Shyam’s arrival in the college everything on the campus goes for a toss. Anne, Nandana and Susan who had up till them lorded it over their colleagues decided to go one up on Shyam. The interesting things that happen subsequently form the story of Chocolate.[chocolates]

Debutants Sethu and Sachi are handling the screenplay department and the music is by the hit duo of Alex Paul and Vayalar Sharath Chandra Varma. . Prithviraj has not really demonstrated his comedy skills, apart from that wry smile, and we wonder if this role would be a good fit for him. Then Shafi is a director who knows the pulse of the audience and maybe he will extract something new from Prithviraj. Jayasurya, who was the co-star of Prithviraj in hit movies like Classmates and Swapnakoodu also stars in this movie. There are three heroines in this movie – Roma, Samvritha Sunil and Remya Nambisan — and this could be the first pentagonal love story in Malayalam

This movie is releasing along with superstar movies like Paradesi and Nasrani and so it faces good competition in the field. Currently this movie could be the dark horse of the Ramzan/Navrathri season.

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  1. VC

    I think its Chocolate and not Choclates.

  2. MM, thanks for pointing out the typos.

  3. The movie released Yesterday and is turning out to be another Classmates. Huge opening coupled with great report. Prithvi led all the way, with Roma and Salimkumar. Shafi’s direction is paced and hugely entertaining. It looks like it doesn’t have big competition this time as well like Classmates era, when every big guys helped it with craps. It will change the equation in Malayalam Cinema as far as Youngsters position is concerned. Many centers it is showing 5 shows and huge crowd everywhere. The celebration is ON.

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