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Preview: Kolkotta News


It was Meera’s tantrums that got more ink during the filming of this movie and the news of Dileep acting under Blessy’s direction took a back seat. The movie which was supposed to get released during Onam has been moved to Ramzan. Thankfully the movie has almost been completed, else we would have to wait for Dussera, Diwali or Guru Nanak’s birthday for the release.

Blessy’s movies are eagerly awaited by film aficionados since he is one director who does not play to the gallery. He tries to make movies he wants to make and gets the public to watch them unlike Shaji Kailas, Sathyan Anthikkad or Rajasenan who release the same movie over and over again, Blessy is creative with his theme and tries not to repeat them and this time the movie has suspense set in the midst of something relevant.

“Ajith Thomas, Dileep’s character, is the son of a former football player who has grown up in Kolkata. He now works as a reporter and programme producer for a television channel called ‘Calcutta News.’ While going through the footage of a sequence he had shot, he discovers some startling things that lead him to Krishnapriya (Meera Jasmine). She had moved to the city with her husband, Hari (Indrajith). Some strange incidents follow, which is part of the suspense that will be unveiled on screen,” says Blessy.[Assignment Kolkata]

With Ore Kadal, Meera Jasmine proved that she can handle very mature roles and can match the performance of any superstar. It would be interesting to watch her performance in this movie for Blessy extracts great performances even from new comers. After the disastrous July 4, Dileep badly needs a hit to keep his boat sailing. More than a hit, Dilip is trying to be known as a serious performer who can do anything from Kalyanaraman to Kathavaseshan. Blessy did not have a great run with Palunku and he would be the one biting his nails the most.

A good running running Kolkotta News could be therapeutic to Blessy and Dilip. As far as Meera is concerned, she might not care.

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  1. Blessy provides a sane voice amidst all the cacophony produced by Alibhais and Nasranis. Look at his movies, they differ in theme and treatment. We need to encourage such talent

  2. Read somewhere that with all the delays and all movie production cost was north of 6 Crores. If this flops Mohanlal will get a reprieve – this will be the costliest flop.

  3. I have the utmost admiration for Blessy. In this era of Alibhai, Flash, Rock N Roll, this man has the guts to make films he believes in, which does not confirm to formula, and is able to attract an audience. In this era in Malayalam cinema he is one of those directors whose work evokes curiosity.

  4. Except Dileep the actors casting is fabulous, I don’t know why Blessy selected Dileep as a expirienced and Distinguished director not suppose to cast like Dileep, kindly check did his any serious character did well in BoxOffice , he can act like Kunjikoonan,chanthupottu so I feel sorry to Thampi Antony

  5. Jeejo, you are right. Mohanlal was able to transform himself from comedy roles into serious roles and carry both movies effortlessly. Whenever I see Dileep in a serious role, I think he will start doing that Chanthupottu/Meesha Madhavan kind of girly thing in the middle of the act.

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