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Coming Soon: A Bunch of Ravi Varmas


A few years back there were a slew of Bhagat Singh movies – there was one with Ajay Devgun, one with Bobby Deol and few others which never saw the light of the day. It looked as if every male actor in Hindi cinema was playing Bhagat Singh that year. Now it is the turn of Raja Ravi Varma.

Two years back we wrote about Shaji N Karun’s Raja Ravi Varma in which Ajay Devgun was supposed to play the artiste. Two monsoons and one chicken guniya season later we still have not seen that movie, but to add more excitement other film makers have shown interest in this artiste who drew Hindu Gods with their clothes on.

In Lenin Rajendran’s version, it is Suresh Gopi who plays the artiste and it will be a challenge for Suresh Gopi to not try to pull his gun in the middle of a painting session. The other film maker is Ketan Mehta who has cast Randeep Hooda as Raja Ravi Varma in his movie ‘Colours of Passion.’

Would it be a bad idea to release many movies about one man? Apparenly not and we agree with Ketan Mehta when he says

“Well, I think he is a great artist who has not got his due. So, perhaps these films, though late, are a kind of tribute to him. Ravi Varma deserves multiple tributes and the more the number of the films, the better,” says the master filmmaker who is engrossed in the shoot of his take on Ravi Varma.[ Brush with colours]

We at VC are happy at all the attention this great painter is receiving and may the best Ravi Varma win.

PS: Will Suresh Gopi’s Ravi Varma say Shit when he makes a mistake?


  1. I would root for Lenin Rajendran’s version out of the lot just because of the work he did with Swati Tirunal. Who are the female leads for these movies?

  2. I think lot of people forget that Suresh Gopi is a National Award Winner. Im sure he will do full justice to the role.

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