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Review roundup : Ore Kadal


Reviewers judgment about Ore Kadal is unanimous — Brilliant. We hope this would inspire our film makers into making more meaningful movies. Here are some of the best reviews from the web.

Velu writes:

This is a film that turns out to be significant not merely for its singular plot, but for the tower house performances of its leading cast as well. It starts off with a series of vivacious shots of its protagonist making love; and in conversation, looking harried and a tad jaded. Mammootty lets go of an alleged reticence and is at ease being the unfussy womanizer; the slipshod gait or the unyielding gaze as he words those hazy lines in an outlandish accent lingers around as a trademark of a seasoned actor who knows his way about a job that he simply loves.Meera builds up her feat not out of grand gestures, but out of countless subtle little moments of growing love; the frenzy and the fury of a hapless woman caught in the midst of a surge of passion that leaves her devastated has been dexterously captured. Bela is an otherwise uncomplicated persona that should throw no fresh challenges to the fantastic actor in Ramya Krishnan. But the kind of anguish that she carries somewhere deep inside reflects particularly in her hazel eyes that refuse to shed a tear. The obstinacy and sturdiness of a bruised heart is all too evident in a staunch stare or a casual smirk.

Naren as the mystified spouse confidently underplays his part to perfection as well.The vital tale simply glows and demands a genuine attention to the nuances of voice and gesture. This is an account that could so easily be vulgarized, could be reduced to obvious elements of seduction, sex and melodramatic parting. Mammootty and Meera weave a spell, and it is based on that particular knowledge of love and self that transcends all ages and time. comments:

Dr S R Nathan ( Mammootty) is a renowned social economist, who is also a well known writer on the social inequalities in the country. He is basically a loner, alcoholic and a womanizer (whenever physical need arises!), who has a long standing relationship with a high class call girl Bella (Ramya Krishnan). Nathan has hardly any human feelings or emotions when it comes to matter of love. He is in love with himself, his work and says- “It’s economics that rules, not emotions”.But fate has something different for Nathan, when he helps a lady staying in his apartment complex with a sick child in arm, who has no money for treatment! Nathan comes to know that Deepti’s ( Meera Jasmine) husband is unemployed and she has no money even to pay her rent! ( Nathan: “In India the biggest problem that the middle class is facing is unemployment, there are 20 million unemployed people in the country.”).Soon Nathan takes a fascination for her, which ends in bed, nothing new to him, but it opens a whole new world for Deepti. She is drawn emotionally to him, as her husband Jayan (Narain) is still looking for a job! Nathan, on Deepti’s pleading, gets him a good job, which makes her more indebted to him emotionally; though he makes it clear he has no time or inclination for any kind of feelings or love.

India writes:

Told poetically and uncompromisingly by the director, once again employing an extractive style and imagery that transcends realism. Ore Kadal is a sensitive tale of Deepti, a middle class housewife, who is irresistibly drawn to a radical, forthright intellectual, Nathan, who is a renowned social scientist, more comfortable with his theories. Dr Nathan a loner and alcoholic, who is studying the inequalities of the Indian society, hardly recognize any feelings of life as he finds economics, as what that rules the world. He often shares his values with high class call girl Bela, who is his only friend and who often shares everything with each other for “Being happy for the moment, which is your life and realizing that there are no mistakes in life, only things you do and don’t do”. He doesn’t believe in relationships, or any kind of emotional bonding, rather than the needs of the hour. The movie also delves with the changing value systems of the middle class in this age of globalization, where the dividing lines between right and wrong, honesty and deceit, loyalty and betrayal, are increasingly narrowing down. It may be the same self-torture that the two protagonists are exposed to live with..


  1. Good news for NRKs. Ore Kadal is coming to No need to wait for
    camcorder copies to show up on YouTube.

  2. Nice portrayal of lust, morality, guilt and love experienced together. But the movie
    ended conveying a very wrong message. It effectively depicted Nathan’s guilt and
    love evolving, but it should not have been at the cost of breaking another family.
    It showed him accepting Deepthi and her children as his own, which surely undermines
    family values. The ending could have been slightly different, where he admits his
    love for Deepti, but convinces her to return to her husband.

  3. Hey Anu, how can you be so reactionary? Don’t you know that according to modern
    values only husbands’ extra-marital affairs are insensitive? Wives going behind
    other men are the kind of strong and modern women whom this society needs! Hail
    liberal culture!!

  4. Malayalis always complain about the quality of movies.But when there are good
    movies,do we really appreciate???Thats what I felt after watching Ore Kadal…The
    movie is excellent and extra ordinary…Didn’t take the conventional path….Very
    good performance from Mammootty and Meera….Marvellous songs and wonderful
    picturisation….Every frame is beautiful …You will think abt the characters and
    the cinema after watching it ,you may not agree with the director completely….But
    the theatre was only half full and there are some unwanted comments from a section
    of the crowd throughout the movie….That spoiled the mood….

  5. Anu is mistaken. The movie doesnt end with Nathan accepting Deepthi and her kids.
    The final shots depicts Nathan and Deepthi realizing the existence of the kids, the
    biggest challenge.

    Now, it is for us, the audience to conclude, which is good, which is bad. The movie
    doesnt convey any wrong message.

  6. Someone could indeed fall prey to a torrid kind of love that defies all logic and
    reason and still exist with the hope of redeeming it some day. Its a fact. Not all
    tales of yearning and affinity are based on a reason that make them sound sensible.
    And this is one such narrative that refuses to play along with our beliefs and
    notions of what is right or what is wrong!

    A sense of appropraiteness is totally relative here. Deepthi loves Nathan. Period.
    And that itself is the biggest explanation. And ofcourse the biggest irony too, for
    most of us around.


  7. Art is not supposed to teach. It is not the director’s or any artist’s job to tell
    us what he thinks about a subject. That would be propagandist, and only juvenile
    directors do that. It is the viewer’s job to look at the issue raised, and come up
    with their own answers. I feel that the best movies end without an “ending”. It
    shouldn’t be neatly wrapped up. Stories that end with, “and the moral is…”, is out
    of style.

    Also, why should Shyamaprasad imply that it’s wrong for Deepthi to have had an
    affair? Maybe I (or another viewer) feel differently. A good artist would never try
    to impose his views on the audience.

  8. Karthyayani,

    That is one way to look at art. Sometimes art can help by presenting a contrarian
    view. Sometimes art can help by shocking you.

    I don’t think there can be a precise definition of art, but it has value when it
    affects your established way of thinking.

  9. ore kadal is good movie. those who like good movie thy have to the movie.mammootty
    and meera jasmin super performance

  10. Very interesting discussion going on in here. Comments from Karthyayani and Jibs are
    thought provoking. And I agree with Jibs that there are several ways of interpreting
    or presenting an art form. Sometimes it is better that the director leave his work
    to the audience for further interpretation and discussion. Like Shyamaprasad did in
    Ore Kadal or like Liji (did I get the name right?) did in Sanchaaram.

    As for Froginthewell’s comment, Shyam didn’t portray Deepthi as the ‘modern and
    strong woman’, but Bela (Ramya Krishnan) which is justifiably so. Mammootty is not
    portrayed a male chauvinist, but a man who is scared to love and of being loved.

  11. I agree with Jibs. I feel that there is no point in restricting the meaning of Art
    in what you would like it to be.

    If a movie wants to provide a moral, let it be. If it doesn’t, still let it be. If
    one doesn’t believe in providing a moral, (s)he can adopt that when (s)he makes
    movies. What is the point in expecting anyone else to tread the same path?

    As I have experienced, I always find it meaningful when I try to see a movie from
    the view point of the intention behind it. This is certainly not a rule or
    regulation. But certainly, this would help you in appreciating movies better.
    Precisely that’s what we are looking for, right?

  12. Hey Jo, my comment was only on Anu’s interpretation and not on the movie itself. And
    I was being sarcastic about some people in the modern society who glorify women who
    leave their husbands as being strong characters. Anyway thanks for the info.

  13. When was the last time a Malayalam movie provoked such discussion about its
    interpretation?- there’s still hope after the Ali Bhais and Mayaavis.
    Kudos to Shyamaprasad- and to Mammotty for taking such risks. As a huge Lal fan, I
    wish he did as good a job balancing the crass and the good.

  14. You can interpret this movie in so many different ways….But one thing is very clear….Among the usual nonsense larger than life stories this movie was a big relief for me…The movie made me to think rather than forget …Very limited number of characters but very powerful….I didn’t hear such a powerful music in recent times….A must watch from an average viewer !!!

  15. Saw the movie and the ongoind discussion. Some points from me:-

    – Ore Kadal is simply brilliant. O.K is definitely the movie of the director. And he is bold to present this theme and the climax, which could be interpreted in many ways. And after the director, it is Meera’s movie. What a great actress she is? She is a gem of an actor, about whom all Malayali can be proud of. The scene in which she smiles, after biting Mammootty,is simple unbelievable. How could she enact that so well. For Mammootty, it didnt look like a challenging role, though he looks perfect.

    – I wish one day malayali will change to appreciating Ore Kadal’s to Alibhai’s and other craps. Unforunately the proud Malayaali never likes brilliant movies, suc movies always fail at the box office, and still complains there are no good movies at the cost of movies like Ore Kadal, Kayyoppu, Palunku, Perumazhakkalam and many like that. I am not a fan of any actors, but appreciate good work.It is a pity that realy good movies always fail in Malayalam box office. We should take note of Tamil box office. I can bet, if Paruthiveeran was a Malayalam movie it would have been a flop.

    – Regarding the climax – I think the director wants to say that Nathan has changed so much to accept even the first child of Deepti, proving he is really in love with that woman. This movie is a brilliant example of women power. It is surprising that Anu has commented , the climax is at the cost of another family. I have strong objection – If deepti is not happy at all with her existing family, it is better she moves out. And even from the view point of Narain’s character, it is nice that he is not cheated anymore. He has suffered enough with Deepti and let him get some fresh air, it can be hurting for him in the beginning but with time, he should be releived. This notify something wrong in our family system. There are very few families who are really having a thriving positive relationship. As Anu Says for the sake of family and society, people are really tied in relationships from which the only receipt is mental agony.

  16. It certainly is one of those movies which leaves a lasting impression on your mind. It makes you think and the characters and story haunts you even after you leave the movie theater. Watching this movie was a wonderful expereince no words can describe.

    It is very unfortunate that the movie is not well received in the box office. Hope that will not disappoint the producer and director to come together to make another masterpiece of art like Ore Kadal.

    Exceptional performance by all. Script, Actors, Music, Art, Camera, Direction, Costumes… the list goes on.

    This is what should be called cinema.

  17. Recently, in the interview published in Mathrubhumi Onapathippu, Mohanlal has replied to the comment of Sukumar Azhikoke saying that ” I need not hear azhikode’s words, as an individual, its my decision to continue in acting or not”

    I respect and completely agree this words. As an individual, its Lal’s discretion.

    But friends, What you feel , when you see Lal dancing with a 17 year old lean beautiful girl on screen???

    What you feel when you see Lal loving and roaming behind a ‘baby girl’ on screen?? For me it is painful yar!!

    (same thing is applicable to Mamootty also)

    Mrs.Madavikutty also had disturbed by seeing the same , few years back!

    Dear Lal!

    You can speak free sex, you can spread Osho and you can talk philosophy( honestly speaking all are interesting) . But when you select your rolls, pls be conscious. Don’t think yourself that you are still looking very young , as your directors convincing you!!

    Sajith Marakar

  18. An Excellent and thought provoking Movie with stellar performances.

    My Take is from what Rajesh has said and left…

    Its true that one should not decide the future of a relationship based on views imposed by society. And if we take the climax as Nathan accepting both children as his own.. that does plugs the characters of Mamootty.. by accepting his love unconditionally to Deepthi. Narain.. He can opt for a different partner.. and Deepthi.. by chosing to stay with the man she really loves (though there is no such clear indication of that). But what about the children? No portrayal of their thoughts.. what is in store for them?

    I believe that the ending with the following thoughts would have been more effective.

    Nathan accepting his love for Deepthi.. that shows that not all relations which start over lust stay that way… one involved can make a difference.

    Deepthi.. by boldly accepting her deeds by justifying that she did get carried away by a man whom she admires.

    And Narain.. showing maturity and love in accepting the relationship..

    However.. to end it all .. Nathan moving on with life and litrature and the family remaining intact.

    Anyways.. kudos to Shyamaprasad and the cast for the brilliant performance.


    Prasad Nair.

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