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Onam 2007 Preview : Ore Kadal


Mammootty, Joshi and Co tried their best to race against time to get Nasrani finished in time, so that they will have a crass commercial potboiler ready to match up against Alibhai during Onam season. Nasrani wouldn’t be ready for Onam 2007, which is a blessing in disguise for Ore Kadal. As it would be Onam season, lot of people would watch this movie, unlike other unfortunate art house productions.

Ore Kadal has a lot of firsts – Mammootty with Shyama Prasad the director, Mamootty with Meera Jasmine, Mammootty with Naren – to name a few. As this movie is getting released in the lucrative Onam season, there could be another first – Viewers seeing Shyamaprasad’s movies.

Shyama Prasad’s previous movies were also based on literary works. Agnisakshi was based on Laithambika Antharjanam’s novel and Akale was based on Tennessee Williams’ play. Ore Kadal is based on a Bengali novel Hirak Deepthi by Sunil Gangopadhyay. As it is fashionable these days, there is a law suit pending about this movie’s story.

Mammooty is Dr. S.R. Nathan in the film, an internationally acclaimed economist, molded in the likes of Dr. Amartya Sen. He is more focused on fiscal and economic matters and roams around in careless dresses amidst lazyness and his big intellect. He leads a lonely life and is an alcoholic to boot, who never believes in long lasting relations.And after a travel around the world, he comes over to a flat to make a living for some time. Their, by the oddest of circumstances he meets a housewife, Deepthi, who instantly develops a fancy for the world renowned economist. Deepthi is living in one of the neighboring flats with his husband Jayan who is a marketing officer of an insurance company. In course of time they learn that they have much common between themselves. Both due to their own circumstances, they have been to same emotional strains, which bring them together for a matured romance that starts budding between them.[Preview: Ore Kadal ]

Shyama Prasad is optimistic about viewers accepting Ore Kadal, as he’s emboldened by the good run of movies like Kazhcha and Tanmatra. Like Shyama Prasad we also hope that this movie does well in the box office, only if it’s a good movie.


  1. I just hope this movie is as good as the wonderful reading experience that Heerak Deepthi offers. Looking forward already..

  2. Sources close to the production and post production houses where the filmwas getting the work done calims that it is a very powerful and artistic film which is emotionally gripping. The towering performances of Mammotty and Meera Jasmine as said to be highlight of the movie

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