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Freedom from Tamil and Telugu movies

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Very soon there will be a law which will require all Malayalees to watch at least two Malayalam movies/month (One superstar movie and one minor star movie). You will be required to submit the ticket copy to the nearest Vyapari Vyavasayi Ekopana Samithi office where you will be quizzed on the dialogue to verify if you actually saw the movie. Only then you will be able to buy rice.

Over the past 60 years our new masters have made sure that we do not have freedom. In Kerala a farmer cannot plant whatever he likes because the Communist masters don’t like it. A small shop owner cannot sell whatever he likes because the Ekopana Samithi masters don’t like it. The only freedom we all have is for urinating on the road.

On the 60th anniversary of India’s Independence our Malayalam film makers had a Eureka moment or Tata plantation board removal moment as Achyutanandan would call it. They realized that most Malayalees don’t like Malayalam films, but were lapping up Tamil, Telugu and Hindi movies like a Deshabhimani manager at a lottery agent’s house. In fact the situation is so bad that even a Bhojpuri movie might run for 100 days in Kerala.

Malayali film makers realized that the audience taste has changed and decided to make big budget glossy, superficial big budget movies with an array of young actors. Ha Ha. We are kidding. One day Pinarayi Vijayan might apply for American citizenship, but Malayali film makers will not change.

Faced with competition on their home turf and on the realization that people have the freedom to watch movies in other languages, our film makers have petitioned the Chief Minister to impose special taxes on non-Malayalam movies. Earlier Director Vinayan had come up with a proposal for a ban on superstar movies so that smaller movies will run. The trend in Kerala is to ban everything so that vested interests can peddle their mediocre wares.

The reason they gave for this demand is something which brought tears to our eyes; to save Malayalam film industry. (The last time tears came in our eyes was when we saw Photographer). Actually the reason is to save the careers of superstars themselves and not the industry. The heroines and young heroes like Prithviraj have already migrated to Tamil Nadu. Directors like Siddique and Lal Jose are making Tamil movies now. Theater owners are closing shop and converting them into godowns, supermarkets and marriage halls. The technicians will migrate to Tamil/Telugu/Bollywood or Gulf.

The only ones stuck are the superstars who have nowhere to go and so as a gift for our 60th Independence Day, they have decided to try to give us freedom from Tamil and Telugu movies. Various trade groups, and quasi trade bodies act like mafias and decide what the average Gopalakrishnan should eat and see. We need freedom from such people.

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  1. Excellent post. We traded the Colonial masters for the native ones. Malayalam film makers are trying Cuban economic tactics to save the industry which is easier than address the core problem.

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