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Where are the theaters?


Among the movies released in July, Hello, Arabikatha, July 4, Aakasham, Mission 90 days and Sooriyan, only the producer of Hello will be laughing his way to the bank. Monsoon, Chicken Guniya, more entertainment on TV channels from Pinarayi-VS-Mathrubhoomi-Church Priests fights have all resulted in low collections. Dileep has a more valid excuse that his July 4 was released on July 5 and the architects of America’s independence did not take kindly to this sacrilege.

Even if rest of the movies were terrific, it would have been a problem for there are not many movie theaters in Kerala these days. Right now there are about 900 theaters after about 500 closed in the last decade. Theater owners, particularly those of B & C centers have found it more profitable to convert them into godowns, marriage halls and supermarkets. Even in large cities like Thiruvananthapuram, Kochi and Kozhikkode, the number of theaters are much less compared to those in similar towns in other states.

This makes it difficult for low budget non M&M movies to compete for the viewers eyeballs. All talk about the next generation of actors who will replace M&Ms is futile, if the basic infrastructure for showing the movie itself is crumbling. Still we like to see the glass half full. For every Sivaji, there is a Mozhi, for every  <blockbuster-kannada-movie-hehehe> there is Mungaru Male. Hopefully one day some film makers will decide to concentrate on the story and screenplay, like Classmates, and we will have a winner which will rise above some of the inane movies like Hello and Thuruppu Gulan.

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