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Onam 2007 Preview: Alibhai

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Another exciting production from director Shaji Kailas, who was instrumental in making Mohanlal Next-door-Man to He-Man. There is no question on who this movie is aimed at, as throngs of Lal fans assembled on the launch of this movie, which was held on Mohanlal’s birthday. And the movie will be released in, hold your breath, 75 centers. That leaves behind just Attapadi and Silent Valley.

The story of Alibhai is based on a real life persona.

Mohanlal plays Akbar Ali, a trade union leader who controls the famous Palayam market. Ali is the darling of the masses and downtrodden and helps anybody who comes to him without expecting anything in return. He never backs out from a fight, even though he never dreamed of living as a goonda leader. Once he had to enter into a fisticuff with Bada Bhai, in which the later gets killed. And from that day onwards, he was the unquestioned leader of the six thousand laborers of the market. They called him with love Bhai.

Alibhai once had to flee his home when he is wrongly accused of a crime. The film is also about how he influences so many lives. T .A Shahid models the character on Ali Babu, a person from real life who lived like Ali Bhai in Kozhikkode, decades ago.[Alibhai: the one man army to conquer]

We hope that Mohanlal would entertain us with Kozhikode style lingo, a la Kilichundan Mambhazham. Mohanlal has two heroines in this movie, Gopika and Navya Nair. Script is T.A Shahid. Alex Paul does Music.

With Alibhai’s release scheduled in 75 centers, released during Onam, the verdict of Box office is a foregone conclusion. Other small matters, we’ll wait and see.

PS: The million dollar question is, does this movie have a Murugan song?

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