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A failed plan?

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The heroines who had migrated to warmer climates are coming back home for the monsoon season. Navya Nair has two upcoming movies, Ali Bhai and Kichamani MBA. In both the movies she is not the lone heroines and she seems to have no problems with that. Meera Jasmine, after going all way till Hyderabad will be back with Ore Kadal and Kolkotta News. Gopika too will be back with Ali Bhai as Mohanlal’s heroine. Simran, one of the first ones to catch the train to Chennai will be back in Heart Beats and Jyothirmayi, after some bold roles in Tamil will be seen in Ayur Rekha.

The natives are not doing bad either. Remya Nambisan has two movies, Anthiponvettam and Shalabham while Padmapriya too has two movies, Suhruthu and Veeralipattu. The other heroines we will be seeing in the near future include Vimala Raman (Kolkotta News), Priyanka (Kichamani MBA), Mythili (Subhadram), Roma (Chocolate), Bhama (Nivedyam), Udayathara (Patham Udayam), Divya Vishvanath (Indrajith), Indraja( Indrajith), Urvasi (Suhruthu), Lakshmi Sharma (Ayur Rekha), and Samvritha (Kalchilambu).

Looks like Kavya’s plan of sticking only to Malayalam movies playing heroine to Dileep and Prithviraj did not work after all.

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  1. What ever the available menu, lets enjoy. Any way we are not going to change, we oppose MNC Kuthakaas, (MNC, Mukesh Ambani, who was born in US!!),we oppose good roads, good white collar private enterprises, Good shopping Malls, Good multiplexes, Good Institutions without SFI and Good younger generation Desi actors, hence all the young girls have to ultimately act with Tummied and aged Super Stars.

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