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August 24, 2007
by vc

A new venture

In one of our editorials, we wrote that Mom and Antony Perumbavoor production houses have reached their limits. We think that Malayalam cinema needs an influx of capital to make movies which can match the production quality of non-Malayalam movies. … Continue reading

August 22, 2007
by vc

What’s that sound?

Recently the people of Kerala were surprised to hear fireworks many days before Onam. Surprised, they looked up to find that it was the sound of Ali Bhai exploding. In this Shaji Kailas movie, one of India’s best actors, Mohanlal … Continue reading

August 17, 2007
by vc

Good Malayalam Cinema

In the noise of films like Hallo and Mayavi, small movies with interesting ideas get lost. They barely get noticed, don’t get enough viewers and as a consequence, such film makers disappear. Jiby John has reviews of Oral, Achanurangatha Veedu, … Continue reading

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