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Review Roundup: Mission 90 Days


Mission 90 Days graced the movie theatres in a month which saw a spate of high profile releases. The state award winning script writer Major Ravi’s new movie is based on investigation of Rajiv Gandhi assasination. As per the reviews Director Major Ravi and lead actor Mammootty’s performances draw praises. comments:

Mammootty as Major Sivaram is once aging in the helm of activity to make this one work with his riveting performance and style of investigation. He looks younger than before in a tailor made role .The glamour quotient of the stylized actor   and his dialogue delivery especially in the climax, livens up the film. Every others in the crew including Baburaj, Lalu Alex and Abu Salim brings out inspiring performances than their usual outings.

Going by the way it is all packaged, the director gets a perfect ten. His dialogues are crisp, narration has good pace, camera angles and lighting by Thiru, match the mood and the background score by Gopi Sunder fits perfectly. A word of admiration also must go to the editor Jayashankar and the art director and the special effects team in EFX. Best of all, the film is not too gory, even though the story has all the elements to make it such. The director restrains himself by not allowing the film to deviate into the regular commercial format except in the opening few reels.

Velu says:

Mammootty’s lead performance as major Sivaram is the chief attraction in this major mission, and it’s a fine piece of toil; far more organized and underplayed than most of his recent works. The reliably brilliant actor gets his looks right, and his swift speech. For once, it isn’t truly and thankfully a dramatic monologue; he is just a part of a much bigger scenario that lends a real life to the rapid build-up of incidents. At times, it so happens that a movie is remembered for ever, for a solitary shot. And in this Mission, there are quite a few. The restructured assassination is one such edge-of-the-seat exposé, that has our hearts bobbing in our mouths. So is the suicide covenant of Dixon, Sivarasan’s accomplice as he finds himself hooked into a dead end hole.

Ravi has created it from the inside out; seeing it through his own eyes and relegatng the viewer to the role of an awed spectator gaping at the structured sequence of affairs. Whether or not you have brushed up on your 90’s history, it’s a story that’s common knowledge, and hence Mission 90 Days is, and could be no suspense thriller. Rather it’s sort of an updated version of a journal of events that led to the tragic demise of Rajiv and the rousing cornering of the culprits thereafter. It’s an engaging, thought-provoking drama that has a no-nonsense air about it; facts are thrown about on your face with the casualness of a well-documented testimonial. This attention to grubby realism however runs the danger of losing out on quite a few viewers; especially the ones addicted to dramatic hooplas.

Sify’s take:

The director through Major Sivaraman has effectively etched out the trials and tribulations he had to face in the final moments of the operation. It is loud and clear that Sivarasan could have been caught alive by the SIT crack commandos, only if there was no bureaucratic bungling and bosses who wanted to corner all the publicity and glory attached to it. Like his earlier film this one also imparts a strong message of patriotism. But the film at 2 hours 12 minutes lags, as Ravi tries to give a clean chit to the IPKF, by showing a friendship between Major Sivaraman and a LTTE cadre!

Mission 90 Days is nowhere near Keerthichakra, which was far more racy and spellbinding with a better script. Still Mammootty as Major Sivaraman makes this one work with his riveting performance and style of investigation. It is a tailor made role for Mammootty, and his dialogue delivery especially in the climax livens up the film. Another highlight of the film is Thiru’s camera work, and the background score. comments:

The narrative swings between raw and realistic, to being verbose and over-the-top. The major is made to get into verbal duels with others in the team — the CBI and the local police of Tamil Nadu and Karnataka. He is also seen giving a mouthful to the higher authorities in the end.

As far as performance goes, Mammootty fits the role of Major Sivaraman to a T with his pumped up physique and attitude. He even does the typical star thing (stylishly removing and wearing his Ray-Ban sunglasses).

It is his presence that makes the experience of watching this film somewhat bearable, which is a lesson to the other major (Ravi) to refrain from making films into clich�d filmi events.

The awardee of the State Award for Best Screenplay last year for Keerthichakra also makes a Hitchcockian appearance, giving pep talk to his hero when the chips are down.

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  1. Its really a nice movie. worth to watch in a lifetime

  2. the one genre in films my conscience has not come to terms with is the war movie .one reason is the blatant hoolywoodisation of this genre.honestly i wouldn’t want to watch any war movie unless signed off by may be a european master.don’t consider this a personal indictment on major ravi or anyone making such can any film maker of substance cosmetically choreograph a war even in the name of avowed name it naive i believe is the most innocent euphemism i can think of. i get shot by a bullet even when i begin to think on this film genre.i don’t know whom to say woe unto. g.balachandra menon

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