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Popcorn Entertainment had to pay 75 lakhs to the producer of the Malayalam film ‘Manhar Mathayi Speaking’, from which ‘Bhagam Bhag’ was copied. Now, producer P. Vasu is seeking damages worth 3 crores from T-Series as he claims that the story of ‘Bhool Bhulaiya’ is plagiarized from his film. ‘Bhool Bhulaiya’, is a remake of the Rajnikanth starrer super-hit Tamil film ‘Chandramukhi’, which was actually a remake of P. Vasu’s Malayalam film. [Old habits never die …]

This is getting more hilarious than Priyan’s movies. P Vasu wants money for a movie he stole from Malayalam and that too from Priyan who has made stealing a fine art!


  1. Incidentally, “Mannar Mathayi” itself had copied a lot from Hitchcock’s vertigo

  2. P Vasu is a master stealer…He stole not only Manichitratazhu but also blatant copy from another Mohanlal hit film – Aaraan Thamburan….Watch that movie, you will see Mohan lal coming down and driving children learning music from Manju warrier and Manju scolding and comes down the steps and mohan lal sings and manju turns up …All blatant copy in Hanthinthom song sequence….and rajni telling story to vadivel from Kathalikka neramillai… without shame he puts case on Priyadarshan..Priyadarshan Clearly says he is remaking but P vasu steals and claims his own. Vasu thinks people are fools. No Vasu, people know when to punish you.

  3. “Avarkkokke enthum aakamallo” I would like to steal Anoop Chandran’s dialogues from Achuvinte Amma.P.Vasu takes priyan to court. Madhu muttom takes Chandramukhi crew to court. Another person takes classmates crew to court. 2 writers take Nanma crew to court. But the underlying fact is that “Raajappanaanu Thaaram” and absolutely not Udayan.

    Rajappan stole udayan’s story and he got all the accolades devastatating udayan. At the end of the movie Rajappan apologizes to udayan. But what difference does it make. Loss is entirely udayan’s. Rajappan continues to enjoy the super stardom. Nothing happens to him at all.

    A story is the fruit of severe efforts and it is mercilessly ripped off. The writer goes to court. It would take years for the verdict. By that time the thief might have become someone big in the tinsel world. He would hire some shrewd lawyer in the palkiwala breed and would escape unscathed once again hurting the writer. May be the writer win the case. But would it bring down the thief from his heights. The answer would be no.

    Now you comment. “Udayanaano Thaaram?”

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