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Where are the Opponents of Globalisation?

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Even after the Bengalis have seen light, Kerala is the only state in the union which is opposed to Globalization. If you probe further you will find that the opposition to Globalization borders on hypocrisy. We like the Globalization of Labor because it allows Malayalees to go to Gulf countries and send the money back home. What we don’t like is foreign companies coming into Kerala.

Our political parties with their opposition to all such developmental activities have made sure that Kerala remains worse than Bihar when it comes to development, but we fear that the political parties have missed out something which has been happening recently in the film industry. One of the heroines of Pazhassi Raja is Linda Arsenio who is an American. An American acting in a movie about a Malayali revolutionary under the noses of the comrades has to be the ultimate sacrilege. The heroine of Lal Jose’s new film, Arabikatha is a Chinese girl, Zhang Chu Min. The Chinese are known as the low cost manufacturing base of the world and they make almost everything from cars to Silk Sarees. Imagine what would happen if we let Chinese heroines take over our film industry. Next they would be running around coconut trees (plastic ones, Made in China), wrapped in Kancheepuram Sarees (Made in China) with people like Mammotty and Mohanlal (both Made in India).

We hope the opponents of Globalization like Achyutanandan and Pinarayi Vijayan stop their, “teacher, teacher he pinched me”, fights and pay attention to major issues like this.

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  1. ha ha , naughty……..

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