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For all the entertainment they provide, looks like the folks behind movies are a bunch of unhappy people. Here’s some of the the activities they have planned for the coming days.

MACTA – How do you promote new comers in Malayalam cinema? By asking superstars to stop acting or asking them to act in limited number of movies. As per MACTA, that is the only way to get the movie-going public to theatres. This hare-brained idea is proposed by Director Vinayan.

Though MACTA says it wants to increase the bata of spot boys, drivers and other unit members; the real issue is that they want to cut down the “superstars of the industry”. Recently MACTA chairman director Vinayan had come out with a controversial proposal that superstars should have less number of releases and stick to festival releases, and leave certain months in a year for the release of films of lesser stars!

MACTA feels the superstars are the bane of the Malayalam film industry, as lesser stars films are finding it difficult to get playing time in theatres. So to cut the superstars to size, Vinayan has come out with this controversial proposal, which curtails the fundamental rights of an individual. MACTA Vs Mega Ms

The date for MACTA’s strike is June 15th.

Association of Cine drivers and spot boys – They want producers council to increase their daily bata. Producers are ready to increase it, but not to the extent to which Association is demanding. Strike date – July 30.

Film producers Association – These folks are stopping movie production to protest MACTA’s activities. Strike date – July 30.

With everyone one in this industry in the mood for self destruction, there is no wonder that they are dishing out one bad movie after another. And there is no wonder that Kerala’s film going public is eagerly waiting for Shivaji.

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  1. I can hear all of them saying about the Malayali audience – Mone Dinesha, Evarku unum arinuda, evaroke Kuttikala

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