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Dileep’s Yin and Yang


The success Dileep is enjoying now depends a lot on his hard work, but also on his team. Script writers Uday and Sibi, Kavya Madhavan and directors like Johnny Antony have been part of his success. They have not given us movies which will be sent to the Cannes Film Festival, but at least those that have kept the the cash registers tingling and providing entertainment to children.

There appears to be a crack in the team now. After Inspector Garuda, Sibi and Udayan mentioned that Dileep interfered in the script and sort of put the blame on him. Dileep for his part said that he will continue to interfere since he has the responsibility to the producer. We were imagining a day when Dileep is acting in Adoor’s movie ( we said imagining) and he suggests some script changes when we read another comment against Dileep, this time by Shaji Kailas. He blamed the failure of Don on some actors who are not yet ready to portray tough roles. Kavya, doing an about turn, has increased her options and choices by deciding to act with the older heroes of Malayalam Cinema.

Then as we all know, there are no permanent enemies or friends in this industry since everyone worships Goddess Lakshmi. Uday and Sibi are the script writers of Dileep’s next movie which has been named July 4 so that the distributors will not get confused about the release day. We are sure once Dileep is able to mouth English-Malayalam dialogue with more conviction, then he will star in Shaji’s future movies. He cannot be ignored because out of all the Vishu films, Dileep’s movie is the only one which has not seen much drop in collections. It may not be Dileep since the movie is essentially a pact between Sathyan Anthikkad and his audience, but finally when historians write about Vishu 2007, Dileep’s name will be at the top.

Dileep, unlike many of our actors, makes a conscious effort to choose different and varied subjects for his movies. And he has become realistic also, has decided that he would not be chasing award dreams. All that matters is that he is still a commercially viable star and people will be there to fund his movies. He is starring in Joshi’s next movie and also in Major Ravi’s Hindi film. Other movies in pipeline include Rajasenan’s next movie scripted by Rafi and Mecartin, Blessy’s next with Meera Jasmine as heroine, Lal Jose’s next movie Mulla, and future movies of Jose Thomas, Shafi, Thomson, Sandhya Mohan and Raj Babu.

With such promising productions as mentioned above, it’s clear that Dileep has outgrown his team. He is confident that he’s going to the bigger league and soon it may be that the team needs him than the other way.


  1. Dileep is only good in comedy, and that is a fact.

    He is not a character actor.

    He is a comedian, an entertainer.
    thats all.

  2. I believe even Prithviraj does better acting than Dileep.

    True, in the beginning of Prithvi’s career he sucked. But now he has improved. Vargam, Classmates, Vasthavam were good.
    In these three films I didn’t see Prithvi but the character.

    Dileep’s problem is he cannot get into the character’s skin.

  3. Prabhudeva choreographs Dileep in Bodyguard.

    Prabhudeva (aatmagatham) : Thekkottu nokkaan parayumbo vadakottaanallo ivan nokkunnathu eeashwara.. ithilum bhedham Mammokka aayirunnu.

    Dileep : Prabhuvetta, aa Mukaala Mukabala step eduthaalo… ee songinu nannaayi match cheyyum.

    Prabhudeva : (veendum aatmagatham) Mujanma paapam aanenna thonnunne.. iyaalu ente avasanam kande adangoo..

  4. that was interesting Hariz….

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