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Review Roundup : Athisayan

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Vinayan says “I saw Hulk” with this new movie Athisayan. Reviewers unanimously agree that the niche audience the movie is aimed at, namely children, would love the movie.
Sify’s take:

Vinayan has cooked up another unbelievable yarn with Athisayan which defies all logic and is a hotch potch of various films. At best it provides some fun for the kids, however the graphic work in the film is tacky, making it difficult to watch the long drawn out climax scenes.

Maya (Kavya Madhavan) is an investigative journalist working for New India television. She is also a social crusader and a runs an orphanage for destitute children at her home. Her boss Radha Ramanan (Mukesh) has an eye on her, but she is fiercely independent. Her neighbour is a renowned international scientist Sekharan (Jackie Shroff) who is working on the theory of invincibility. One of the mischievous boys in her orphanage Devan (Master Devan) drinks a green potion made by Sekharan, and he becomes invisible!

Vinayan has been instrumental in coming up with something that won’t go with the trend, but will definitely fetch him results. The latest offering from him for this Vishu Adhisayan is such a film, exclusively dedicated to the children who are enjoying the lengthy midsummer vacation. And for the bigger ones, just be in the mind frame of a kid, and you will find the things moving.

The film revolves around Devan, who is himself a child prodigy with high IQ, extremely brilliant in studies and other activities. He is brought up by Maya, a young television reporter, who works for New India Television. Maya, who was also brought up in an orphanage by Father Chanthakkadan, is paying back by taking responsibility of a few orphans, whom she has picked up from the streets and Devan is also a mischievous one among them. says

The Vinayan-directed Athishayan is as an average film, but for kids who’d be looking for something entertaining this summer, Athishayan would be fine. It’s a film that you would very likely enjoy if you cast yourself in the mindset of a kid.

Maya, a young television reporter works for New India Television. Radharamanan, the Managing Director of the channel has a fascination for Maya, who was brought up in an orphanage by Father Chanthakkadan. Maya herself takes up the responsibility of bringing up a few orphans, whom she has picked up from the streets. One of these kids is Devan, who is sort of a child prodigy, with a computer-like mind and very good in studies and extra-curricular activities.

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