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  1. That was an excellent joke. Have been laughing for the past twenty minutes after seeing the cartoon.

  2. Kavya will achieve the super actress status she much deserves. This is long overdue.

  3. Really testing the patience of the most literate of the Nation – Keralites. They initially had apprehension about it. Now, the public cleared that apprehension. Good going. Best of luck

  4. why is everybody so harsh with kavya? she isn’t bad at all. she is very good in emoting. but probably she isn’t that lucky or may be she isn’t professional enough in picking up roles and her costume designer. most of the time her choice of outfits and the colour are not upto the mark. But probably with clever roles and suiting outfits she might make it really well.

  5. Dear friends Iam looking forward to this film(Kavya acts as Mammooty’s wife in the film -iam not talking about “Nazrani”).Its director KK Rajeev has shown his talents in someof the best telefilms and serials ever prduced in malayalam.

  6. What is so funny about that?Kavya is better than any other heriones in Malayalam now.If Gopika ,Navya or Meera can act with the superstars why can’t Kavya?Acting only in Malayalam is not a sin.In fact she has more hits than any other heriones.

  7. Kavya in a interview to Asianet had said that she is not taking roles opposite M & M because that will be the final level to conquer and nothing much to do beyond that. She also said that she will quit soon, after doing some good roles.

  8. Why single out Mammootty on this young-women-acting-as-mom thing? Your review on Big B (in the latest Vishu release post) mentioned “In this movie former Miss India, Nafisa Ali, who is younger to Mammotty plays his mother”, as if no other so-called superstars haven’t casted younger women as their moms in the films. And now this ‘joke’.

    I will soon be writing a post on casting younger women as moms. It is no new thing and it was there right from the old days of Malayalam cinema.

    By the way, ToonDoo is a great tool for creating cartoons online! I am also going to make use of it.

  9. This idea of cartoon of yours is good. No one else does that. And this cartoon is really funny. I hope to see more like this.

  10. In a post about Big-B it does not make sense to write that a monkey acted as Tarzan’s mother and all that history.

  11. By the way, ToonDoo is a great tool for creating cartoons online! I am also going to make use of it.

    LOL! You make posts from comments on vc. Now you are using some tool they are also using. Inspired by vc, you are going to write an article. If vc was not there what would you do?

  12. I accidentally came to this site. Iam a Tamilian, in my state we dont make fun of our senior stars. It’s not good to do that.

  13. Why single out Mammootty on this young-women-acting-as-mom thing?

    It would have been a boring cartoon if there was 10,000 frames making fun of all such people.

  14. Reji:

    Check my blog if you want the answer for your question. And VC are my friends and I know them better than you. 😛

    ToonDoo is no secret. I read about it in tech blogger Amit Agarwal’s blog earlier than the cartoon appeared here.

    Go, get a life man! 😛

  15. Mallika:

    My comment is not based on this single post. Earlier VC had a post on Mammootty and his screen mothers and the recent remark on Nafisa Ali playing Mammootty’s mother. The whole sound is like it is only Mammootty casting younger women as screen moms. That is what I am opposing.

    My opinion is as long as the ‘screen mothers’ do not look like the hero’s screen sisters or screen wives, it is fine. Haven’t you felt it odd Revathy acting as Mohan Lal’s mother in Raavana Prabhu? Or that other woman (don’t know her name) in Balettan?

    Interesting thing is you can have similar examples from even the Hollywood. Let us have a look at the old times of Malayalam cinema. Take Aaranmula Ponnamma, Kaviyoor Ponnamma and T. R. Omana. All of them were younger than the heroes like Naseer, Sathyan and Madhu when they acted as their screen mothers.

    Even father roles were done by comparitively younger men, like G. K. Pillai.

  16. Hey whats wrong with the Mammootty-Kavya pairing? Afterall, there’s only 35 years age gap between them..

  17. A clarification here. Mammotty and his screen mothers was written by guest blogger Unni.

  18. The message is taken on different levels by some of our friends. The 2 super stars were reluctant to act with such young ladies due to fear of backlash from Public. With the acceptance of an average pot boiler Rasathandram the door is open now. Kavya or any other young ladies were not fit to play co-star to 2Ms since look wise they differ greately and especially Mammooty’s heroins were just on lookers in a movie, the reason why a Manju Warrior, Samyukta Varma etc never acted with him. Now, the notion is cleared as even Bhavana acted with a Tonner Lal and since both Prithvi and Dileep will never cast Kavya she has no option but to accept.
    To make it clear, it was Kavyas decision due to the look factor, though calls were came from many directors. (leave out other languages)Remember, Meera and Navya declared in 2002, where both Ms were down to earth that they will never act with the guys. How things got changed is history, due to proactivenss by media and lack of long memory and never be again attitude by public.
    You need not become a great actress to act opposit Mammootty or Mohan Lal, you should look mature like Lakshmi Gopalasamy (the worst actress ever made it in KL), Padmapriya, Devayani, Meena (both acted opposit 2Ms when they were acting in Tamil serials). We are falling too low, too low dear. It is Mohan Lal or Mammootty the other side is least important.

    Bottom Line :- 1)Blue Diamond, a 1200 seater theater in Calicut a mile stone in the films history of Calicut razed to rubbles on 5th April. Ernakulam has 4 screens for Mallu films and Calicut also coming Ernakulam’s way, having 5 now from over 10 afew years ago.

    2) There was a 100th day poster of a Kannada movie from fridays Times of India. The Name of the movie is “MungaruMale”. Its a love story, with all new comers and all are telling ga-ga about this movie, which
    crossed 100 days in more than 25 centers. Man 25 centers!!!!!!
    When our so called Mega movie barely run in one or two centers.

    Good luck Kavya.

  19. If Kavya wants to act with Mammotty it is her choice. Whether we want to see it is our choice.

  20. In Lal’s next movie, “Hello”, the heroine Parvati Melton is just 18 years old!!!!!

    well, if Mammukka can act with Kavya who is nearly 35 years younger to him.. then Lal can also act with Parvati who is 30 years younger !!!

    baby shamili has grown up.. anyone listening?

  21. Now Dileep will need an 8 year old heroine.

  22. baby shamili has grown up.. anyone listening?

    LOL!! 😀

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  24. Well,the cartoon is funny . But it’s a real matter to think.Why is the new generation always behind the old. Was it an imperfection for Kavya that she did’nt got any chane to be mammooty’s heroine before? Well I don’t think so.But the real question that always exist is “WHAT IS THE SECRET OF MAMMOOKA’S GLAMOUR?”

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