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Vishu 2007 Preview : Athisayan



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Communist leaders like Stalin, Mao and Pol Pot regulary used to send people to concentration camps where they suffered the worst forms of torture. If they were living in the present era, those Communist leaders would torture people with movies like CID Moosa and Kilukkam Kilukilukkam. It is such movies which are being branded as chidlren’s movies and shown to kids in the state.

As we said in our rant on the death of children’s movies in Kerala, Manu Uncle was probably the last decent movie we ever saw in that genre. Now director Vinayan, known for trying all possible genres in the films is attempting a children’s movie.

The story is set around Kavya Madhavan, who plays an intrepid TV reporter. She also runs an orphanage with Thilakan. The kids in the orphanage, all toppers in their school, come to her rescue in her hour of need. They all use their special talents to help Kavya out.

There is also the Hindi hero Jackie Shroff playing a quaint scientist in line for a Nobel Prize.

But Kavya is sucked into a huge plot of the unscrupulous elements. How she emerges out of them all with the help of the kids form the major part of the story.

Kavya Madhavan has got an author— backed character. The kids and graphics work (done in Hong Kong) are a major attraction. Jackie, Mukesh, Jagadish are the other attractions in the film [Athisayan – Fantasy festival]

The movie is said to have lot of special effects and graphics, done in Hong Kong. Story is by Vinayan. Music is by Alphonse and lyrics Kaithapram. Jackie Shroff was imported from bollywood to act in this movie as a nobel winning scientist.

The cast includes Jakie Sheroff,Harisree Ashokan,Kavya Madhavan,Mukesh, Jagdish, Thilakan,Ramu, Rajan P. Dev, Bheeman Raghu, Saddique, TP Madhavan, Baburaj, Indrans, Karthika, Merin Amritheswaram, Ambili, Shalini.

Well done fantasy movies, like My Dear Kuttichathan, have the power to influence children. We hope that Athisayan would be a true children movie unlike Vinayan’s Athbhudha Dweep, which was replete with double entendre and cleavages.

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  1. Dear friends,
    I dont want to oppose anyone but would like to tell a few facts.Director Vinayan has given few hits ever since his path breaking Vasantiyum Lakshmiyum Pinne Janum.These include
    DaivattinteMakan,Karumadikkuttan,Vellinakshatram,Ummappeninu—,Satyam etc.Most of thse have been Boxoffice hits.
    But all these movies i believe were just hits and didnt have any quality at all.
    Vinayan either makes film on handi caps or some horror flicks.Only these have become hits.And even these movies didnt have a good story or script.I really dont know how a director can make a film like ‘Satyam’.(A very poor copy of Kaka Kaka.).Also films like WAr and love,Meerayude Dukham etc.
    So when Vinayan makes a new movie i have no hope at all.It must fall in one of the following category
    1)Handicapped tearjerker.
    2)Horror or supernatural.
    3)not category 1 and 2 then surely its a flop.

  2. I am sure this movie will be a hit. It is a really long time since a good movie for children came out. This movie with all its special effects and children should provide joy to the family viewers. Eagerly awaiting the release of the movie.

    By the way any news about the release of Vinodayatra?

  3. After seeing the posters of the movie, I smell somthing ‘Hulky Hulk’ there.

  4. one director who is making landmark contribution to malayalam cinema even without making any landmark film is vinayan.for one who can survive in films without the patronage of superstars,vinayan to me is a counter hero of sorts.but for him, who would have known the film noir type of methods resorted to by the heroes not in films but in life.even when we lack politically correct films vinayan by his multi-textual semiotic system has ferretted out the true politics of malayalam cinema.’the death of the director’ and the emergence of the hero as the new god of cinema in malayalam films -that is just about the ideology of this counter hero.he has brought to light key issues like wages,trade unionism to name a few.i feel what vinayan represents is the subterranean turbulence underlying malayalam films minus a cohesive theoretical foundation. g.balachandran

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