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Prithvi speaks Tamil -Very Well


Radhamohan, Director of Mozhi on Prithviraj

Why did you cast Prithviraj, a Malayalam actor, as the hero? I wanted a fresh face and not the usual heroes who have an image here. I had seen Prithviraj’s Malayalam films like Nandanam, Swapnakoodu, Vellithira, etc, and I liked the guy and his style of acting. He has also acted in K V Anand’s Kana Kandein and made quite an impact. So, I suggested to Prakash, why not try this guy? That was when Prakash was about to do Paarijatham with Prithvi. He said, ‘I am going to meet him on the sets. I will ask him.’ Prithviraj liked the story when we narrated it and did not demand anything like, ‘I need a fight, I need a song,’ etc.. I wanted an actor like that.

It is not just Radhamohan who is all impressed with the young actor from Kerala. After watching the performance of Prithviraj in Mozhi, Rajnikanth picked up the phone and congratulated him, manners which our superstars lack. Producer Prakash Raj is impressed with Prithviraj that he has cast him the role Mohan Lal played in Tamil remake of Udayananu Tharam. Besides this Prithviraj is also acting in two other movies, Saththam Podathae and Kannamoochi Enada.

While our superstars could not establish themselves in Tamil, looks like Prithviraj is becoming the first bi-lingual success from Kerala. Long time back, Kamal Haasan’s film career as a hero materialised in Malayalam, later he went back to Tamil and became one of the reigning superstars. Would the history be repeating itself now?


  1. Saw Mozhi, one of the best Tamil movies seen in many years. Not even a single scene is there where you feel not fit in to the movie. Everyone is great, especially the 4 leading stars. Still movie going great in Chennai in all the screens and 8 weekend shows in Mayajal even at 5th week, which is quite great. Now coming to the tamil accent of Prithvi, it is simply great. How he managed is amazing, may be his raw talent takes him to different level a Lal remniscenet. His comedy timings are great, which we Mallus critisised in malayalam (They forget that he never acted in such a role) He proved he is great in Dialoge delevery, comedy. Tamilian simply loved this guy, only problem with the movie is that it did not satisfy the small town and Village viewers.

  2. Raphel, you seem to be a die hard fan of prithviraj. If he ever knows that you exist, he should be extremely happy to have you. Some times the way you write makes me feel that I am missing something, becoz after classmates I haven’t got a chance to watch any of his movies. Yes, even I felt many times there are certain mannerisms in prithvi which reminds me of mohanlal.

  3. Prithvi did very well in some Malayalam movies like Vasthavam ,Vargam and Pakal.But our media is not ready to accept him (or any other newcomer).He is talented and we need to support someone like Prithvi.

  4. What did or didn’t the media do? If people dont go to watch new comers what can media do. They cannopt keep on saying “he/she gave great performance, he/she gave great performance” when the viewers have abandoned the movie.

    People want to see the two superstars, media has to accept that. Moreover the superstars have good fan base who boost up their projects while Prithivi has only a few like you guys/gals.

  5. I donot have any problem in accepting that I am fan of Prithvi even at this age of 40 + of mine, since I grown up watching Satyan and Nazir etc. His problem is not that movie are not getting hit due to Crowd response, but heavily biased media. Eg The Kerala Film weekly’s are hevily biased against Young actors and may be some coterie is behind this and ven Director Vinayan said of this. You cannot dismiss it simply due to the fact that it came from Vinayan. I could see only Cinema mangalam supports Prithvi or other younger generation. The weekly’s like Cinema, Vellinakshtram etc strongly trying to downride the good movies of Prithvi. Velli once said in an article that the producers of ‘Vargam’ is not expecting it to make big ince it is an off beat movie, two weeks before the movie got released. Those who saw it can understand, whether it was a biased report or helping somone. The moment a super star film announces every weekly’s competing each other to promote it with cover story support, whereas it doesn’t happen in the case of younger generation. This started since the great Amma-Chamber conflict and slowly due to too much negative articles from ostly every weekly’s, public also started feeling the same, or else what happened in 2002 we all should remember and also the incidents after that. The domination of 2Ms nearly came to an end in 2002 with Mammoo having a single release and Lal all films flopped.
    Also, whenever Joshy or Shaji Kailash announces a movie with Prithvi all of a sudden, out of the thin air a project will come with Dileep as hero. His DON and next project with Joshy all are examples of this. Why public are not seeing this.?? They simply do not want to give a big solo hit to Prithvi, since they knew since the film goers are very few it will further erode the base, especially that of Dileep since he is good only in crap comedy.It is time everyone should understand this. Or lets see the Pandisastion of Mallu Industry by Mani and others. The acting telent of Prithvi was to its different level in Mozhi, I think with each film he grows in Stature as a great actor, but is still only 25. I see great future for him.
    Such a high quality entertainer movie Mozhi was not even mentioned in any of the Malayalam chennels(on the contrary they shown the flopped Thirumagan of SJ Surya, T Rajendran Z rated Veerasamy etc)or weekly’s, but the movie opend with big response in Kerala in the last Friday, the posters of which appeared just two days before the release. Just see the movie to make the point.Very good stuff and all the actors did their best so far, not only a La Prithvi.

  6. Dear Raphel-you speak high of Pritvi because you like him and you stated you are not ashamed to admit that you are his fan. As a fan you should not raise him high to the sky. Every object in this world is subject to some defects. The same applies to him too. You ought to point out that too. Then only you will become a real fan.

    Of course Pritvi does well when compared to the initial years of acting of our super stars. But when I viewed his recent pictures like ‘Classmates’ and ‘Mozhi’, I really felt his range has not gone far from his first picture “Nandanam”. “The boat is still in Thirunakkara”. This is a famous saying in Thiruvithamkoor and the same applies to his acting. His performance in “Classmates” was not so great. The same with ‘Mozhi’. I went to the theatre with great hopes inspired by the blog narration of Raphel. But the film itself had some screenplay problems. The comedies were lame. Actors crack some comedies and laugh their heads off. But it would require someone to tickle to make the audience laugh, at least smile. Regarding his performance it is not outstanding. I would compare his performance with the songs of K.S Chithra. Chithra’s songs are mellifluous. But I personally feel all alike. I do not know what make me say that. May be she fails to inject life into them. But no doubt, they are excellent but I do not feel any difference. May be because her style is unique and she does not change her style according to the moods the song demands.

    Another thing you commented regarding the behind-the-curtain plays to outcast Pritvi. This tinsel world is a selfish place and to be top you will have to play some dirty games. This is a place where a role is snatched, rates are slashed, thefts are done and so on. Singer G.Venugopal accuses another leading singer who troubles him often. M.G Sreekumar says he had some bitter experiences from Unnimenon during his struggling phase. Accusations are made even on our legendary singer over the evergreen song “Chandrakalabham chaarthiyurangum theeeram”. Years back a fried sardine was taken out from the plate of a star during his lunch by the production team commenting “you are not up to that”. Such nauseating real life insults happen in this selfish world.

    Prem Nazir acted in 600+ films. Rumors go around he even acted for nil to keep his throne intact. Mohanlal was supported by Priyadarshan, sureshkumar, sathyan anthikkadu. Mohanlal even have his own production company. Now his right hand Antony Perumbavoor produces for him. Jayaram had the support of Rajasenan. Dileep produced “Kathavasheshan”. Even Mammootty produced- “Kayyoppu”. Yes Pritvi also does teamwork. With M.Padmakumar. All his three films viz Ammakkilikkodu, Vargam and Vaasthavam were starred by Pritvi. If Dileep tries to play games on him let Pritvi retaliate. It is the survival of the fittest. Even Mammootty once decided to quit the films. It is like that. If you want to keep the lead you got to do your homework. If you want your slice you have to contribute many things.

    Now skills are not rare. Just browse TV channels from serials to albums. You can see the glimpses of skills. Pritvi got an entry because he had the tradition of his father. There are more talented youths waiting outside for their chance, but they could not enter.

    Pritvi has to watch his dialogues. He has problems with his voice modulation. His dialogues have some sort of weirdness-some sort of “kunukkam”. It makes them dramatic. He has to change his style according to the moods of the character. He has to better in comedy. I feel he is imitating Mohanlal in many ways especially when he does comedy.

    Jagathy commented “Pritviraj has to prove himself-he has only begun”. Yes he has only begun. Do not raise him up to the sky. It will spoil the actor in him. Point out his faults as an actor. Correct him. What we want is better performances, better movies. It is our ill fate films like “Mayavi” runs like nothing and films like “Kayyoppu” face hold over in
    less than 7 days.

    Good luck to pritvi.

  7. Raphel, when you say, young actors in our movie industry face the crisis of finding a good support system and not just prithvi alone, then there is something terribly wrong with the way industry works. And if the crowd that goes to the theatre is heavily biased towards the established actors, that is a different set of problem.

    The former is a trouble inbuilt in many professions where hierarchy exists and malayalam film industry may be lot more rusted than its counter parts elsewhere. We may also be more hypocritical than professional and has a crab mentality. It is really sad if this kind of unhealthy competition exists between different genres of actors. Because at the end it only spoils one of our efficient artistic platforms. I can’t consider narain, prithvi & jayasurya at the same genre as dileep. Dileep is atleast one stage senior to all of them and he has a base on his own right. If all that is said about him is true regarding what he did to prithvi, then it is absolutely stupid.

    Now regarding the crowd that reaches movie halls: Apart from a change resistant malayali mindset, it can also be the reflection of the kind of people who goes for watching the movie. may be earlier a mixed crowd must have been going and hence we had different kinds of movies to boast of. A ‘My dear kuttichathan’ is way different from a ‘Bharatham’ is way different from a ‘vadakum veeragatha’ or ‘Perunthachan’ which is again different from a ‘chitram’ or ‘kilukkam’. I am not mentioning here more serious movies as they rarely have commercial success. May be with less and less people having 9-5 jobs (a large crowd which had is getting retired), and a major chunk moving out of state/country as part of their jobs, the diversity of the crowd that goes to theatre may be narrowing down. If the producers try for the release of their movie in malayali pockets elsewhere (india & outside) and be more prompt with efficient DVD releases (not wait until most of the crowd watch the movies through pirated dvds which barely has any quality) for crowds living in other places, they may have better answers to the present crisis they face.

    Another reason for a large section keeping away from the movie halls can be the change in their interests. With the present selections of movies we have in malayalam, only one section of the people may be appeased. Rest of them may be staying away from the movie halls or trying out other options. why would u waste ur time and money, if u don’t find the movies interesting and see that it is a constant repetition of what we have been watching since 1980. may be we have exhausted all possibilities within the existing framework and should wait for a good change.

  8. yes, what anil pointed out is very true. lot of people face this crisis at some or the other point. some less, some more and these days with media running around a lot for every bit of news & gossips served with added imagination, people are raised to sky over night and for their slightest flaws they are brought to ground in the next fortnight. The more you are in the show biz the greater the oscillation you face.

    Prithvi is extremely good and talented, but there are many defects which he has to look into. one of the most important being his dialogue delivery which often makes it appear dramatic and heavy. You don’t want to look mature and emotional and serious and heavy in every scene irrespective of the story line. and the way he jokes while being sarcastic and crude, as in Vargam: the same mannerisms are getting repeated in more movies in not so similar roles.

  9. I am a tamilian and watch some malayalam movies now and then which till few weeks ago has been mostly of the two M’s.

    I started watching prithviraj after watching one of his movies – Kanakandein recently. I think for somebody that young he is good. I really liked his performance in classmates, kanakanden and mozhi. In short – a fan.

    But from the posts on this website, it looks like he is failure in malaylam industry. I am just curious then how did he end up doing 30+odd films malayalam in the past 4 years?

    Also, in tamil Senior actors apprecaite juniors all the time. Like even recently Rajni complemented Prithvi for Mozhi, why are the two M’s not doing so? Surely, the two scions of indian cinema cannot be insecure.

  10. The mentioning of Mozhi and the character as if it never raised any positive is of first I heard of, from an educated guy. True it is not masala for the average public. The crowd in Chennai must be crazy then, not in rural areas. The comedy had different sense, but if we expect Vadively or Vivek type double meaning then it was boring. We do not know what we expect him to do more than that in both Classmates and Mozhi. Everyone praised him for Mozhi, where for the first time I find someone criticized. Everyone from Lal or Mammoo fans (in Kerala Forum) praised him. May be we are too small to understand what is acting. In Classmates that is the prime one can give to that Character. The entire film and media world tried very hard to give shared importance to Prithvi for his role in it to avoid any surge in his career. But, a similar case with Super stars will be whole-heartedly granted to them as being their movie. The world is cruel to new generation. No surprise why this is happening.
    Coming back to voice modulation etc. I advise all to see Mamoo movie of 79-86 period, then we will understand the difference

  11. Nobody here is saying prithviraj is bad. In fact he is one of the most promising guys in the new genre of our actors. And he is doing excellant. That is the reason he is being discussed the most, unlike many of his contemprories. But that we like prithviraj doesn’t mean everything he does is good and raise him to sky only to find him vanishing in thin air later on. It has happened with many actors before. Don’t compare the fan fare in tamil and malayalam alike. they are way different. malayalis in general are lot more critical (good or bad, I could never understand), especially till u find a person acceptable. M&M are some of the few who are making it successful to the end in that way. probably a lot of good guys might have faded somewhere along the road. And we don’t want that to happen to prithvi becoz we badly need new and good actors.

  12. Dear Raphel I got your message which lurked in your reply. I am not an actor. But I know acting is a blissful occupation for one person provided he should know that. Though I do not have acting skills I am confident to the hilt to draw a demarcation line between natural and artificial acting. I would confidently say mammootty is not a natural actor. And I would say again with that confidence that Jagathy Sreekumar, who himself claims he is a natural among the other actors like Thilakan, Mohanlal he selected excluding mammootty, is also not a natural when he comes to comedy scene execution. There are several examples.

    What would one do if a hammer fell upon his head from a certain height. Surely I would howl in pain. But in “Friends” Jagathy made some comic faces instead of crying out loud. Is it natural?
    In my opinion the natural comedy is performed by only one actor. Srinivasan.

    Coming to the subject I wish to remind you I am not a die hard fan of anyone. But I have resolved I will not see the picture in which Kavya will act as Mammooty’s heroine provided she is the lover or wife of a Mammootty of 35-.

    God Almighty, Omnipotent where are you? Can’t you see what is going on here in your own country. Here people like VC, Raphel, Unni, Lakshmi and Anil are bleeding their eyes looking at the monitor and growing callusses on their finger tips because of these people.

    Years back when the then Prime Minister Indira Gandhi made a public appearance in Kerala one man complained that the price of a particular food stuff is shooting up. She replied to go for the alternate one. Simple economics. Lesser demand brings the price down. Ironically I would remind you all the reply of the British queen to her lay men to consume cake if bread is costly.

    Well we can protest against the big shots by not seeing their films. What else? I had a friend who had the habbit of ripping off the seats or breaking the theatre bulbs if the film did not satisfied him. “Kodutha paisa Muthalaakkaan” he had replied to my question what for?

    You commented people in Chennai, Superstar fans in Kerala appreciated Pritvi on his performance in Mozhi. Let it be. To them Pritvi is a treat since he has acted in 2 movies prior viz Kanaa kanden and paarijaatham. Soon they also will start disliking him because of his stereotype acting style. His smile itself has flaws. A crooked smile. Sort of “Aakkichiri”. Smile should come from the heart. Tell him to learn the basics of human expressions. You spoke about Mammootty’s age and his pairing with Kavya. Why you remain silent about the 45+ prakashraj playing bachelor and marrying swarnamalya later on in Mozhi. These things prove you only tend to see the brighter side of Pritvi and his movie as a whole. And please speak in first person when you intend an offence.

  13. Prithvi is here to stay…He is talented,good looking and a great professional.Unfortunately the present Malayalam film industry is not ready to accept anyone new.We need newcomers and youngsters ,not just Mohanlal and Mammootty.

  14. Dear Anil I liked your comment.Your comment about Prithviraj’s smile was just perfect.But i think in the movie Mozhi Prakash Raj acted as an aged bachelor and not someone of Prithviraj’s age.

  15. “Rolling stones gather no moss”. Why not Prithvi expand his portfolio to Tamil movies…it is a challenge to him & gift to the tamil audience. Let us all encourge a young & talented actor.

    The theme of the movie Mozhi is self explanatory for the fact that language is never a barrier…sometimes silence can express a whole lot than words.

    Prithvi not having a great tamil accent really doesnt matter. He has done a phenominal job & his smile all said and done is great.

    Anil said “A crooked smile. Sort of “Aakkichiri”. Smile should come from the heart.

    There are no rules to a smile. We hardly can make out the difference between a broad smile that comes from a crooked heart & a crooked smile that comes from the heart. Looks can be deceptive. That is my opinion.

  16. I am very fond of him. He is too good. I had seen his mob movies before. However was not aware of his name. I too did not agree that new hero’s can be good actors too.. My mother actually asked me to check t his movies. I I was impressed with his looks and acting in Sathayam. And I called my relatives to know his name. He is too good…I think Mohan Lal and Mammotty should retire now. And young face lie Prithvi should be given a chance

  17. Nisha your comment itself shows your ignorance about malayalam films.Sathyam(if thats what you meant)is his worst film till date,both by storywise and acting.I agree that he has shown promise through some films like Nandanam,Vargam,Vasthavam etc;but if u r telling that he is a direct replacement for Mohanlal or Mammootty then you are completely wrong.Both of them are not only stars but pillars of acting.Prithviraj still has a long long way to go.

  18. To know an actor’s virtue it is important he should have a competitor. When I saw ‘panthayakozhi’ I clapped for pritviraj. Narain as a hero-phew-he has miles to go. See Narain’s performance in ‘kozhi’and give pritvi a big hand for what he has done so far.

  19. SANJEEV,
    You are comparing Narain’s worst Perfomance with Prithvi’s which is ridiculous. I’m agreat fan of Prithvi mainly because of his killing looks. But if you take account of every movies and compare Narain and Prithvi, Narain is more talented. Watch out Narain in Chitiram Pesuthadi and Anjathe. Except Pantaya .. all his movie in malayalam are hits. Infact Superhits.
    Watch out for him in the future … !!!

    Prithvi V.S Narain 😀

  20. hi Raphael,

    y r u wasting your time arguing? nobody in kerala is ready to ‘change’or even ready to ‘accept’. this blog itself looks biased, they criticize the two M’s (mainly the fat M) not ready to accpet their contributions, and also not ready to accpept a good potential new comer like Prithvi. Where as the comment writers are still in early 90s feeling M’s = gods for ever. they also criticize our east neighbours for seeing Rajni’s gimmiks. Just see one film “VEYIL”. and then compare and analyse , Is malayalam movies going the right way?! atleast is it going forward?

  21. akp and raphel – did you see Prithvi’s one way ticket. It had a novel theme but didnt do well

  22. are you saying that it is because Prithvi was themain character in it? evrybody knows it is not the actors who is making box office hit films(ask rajni if he remembers BABA) .And also it is not the actors alone makes good films. Director/ Script has the majority contribution in making a film wht it is.Actors can act as the characters, somebody has the choice of electing the roles, somebody has only few choice which force them to either act or find some other job situation. All hollywood actors gets paid more than M’s. Do they ever tried to make Narasimham/Vallyettan?

  23. someody here is saying tht they can’t see Kavya Madhavan or Gopika(or any new teenagers) pairing opposit M&Ms. What the hell?? what are they seeing in the screen, M’s or characters? If acting is ok, or anybody is apt for a role in a movie then they can do that role!!It is not about the actors age. If nowin a movie M&M wears make up and play a man in 80s, and Sukumari/KPAC Lalitha is acting as tht man’s wife..will you not see that movie? in ‘udayon’ Bindu panicker acted as sister to an older character played by MLal. Dont you have any complaints??

  24. akp – no it didnt flop because it had prithvi in it. prithvi (as always) was unlucky to be part of the film. most definitely not his fault

  25. guys dont argue…. the M’s will forever remain chronic bachelors aged between 32 – 35. heroines will keep falling for them in their movies and no prithvi or narain can make them look older.

    even if they become so old and bed ridden, they’ll appear as heroes with glucose bottles on two sides, cheering for their dancing heroines. they’ll wear thick make-up & large cooling glasses to hide their sagging skin. and the best part is, their fans will still say, “Look how young he looks… Superstar ki Jai !!! “

  26. hi..really not sarcastic…wow! But by that time, India will be developed and they will not rquire glucose bottles, but can be survived on batteries..or capsules.. Looks like some smoke is coming out of somebodys ears…:(

  27. geojith – just look over across the border. a certain man whose name begins with R and ends with H is acting with kids as old as grandchildren. latest rumor in kollywood is that hes planning to act with his grand daughter as heroine. and the actor is a tender age of 62.
    and hes already running on Duracell – the battery that goes on and on and on..

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