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Prithvi speaks Tamil -Very Well


Radhamohan, Director of Mozhi on Prithviraj

Why did you cast Prithviraj, a Malayalam actor, as the hero? I wanted a fresh face and not the usual heroes who have an image here. I had seen Prithviraj’s Malayalam films like Nandanam, Swapnakoodu, Vellithira, etc, and I liked the guy and his style of acting. He has also acted in K V Anand’s Kana Kandein and made quite an impact. So, I suggested to Prakash, why not try this guy? That was when Prakash was about to do Paarijatham with Prithvi. He said, ‘I am going to meet him on the sets. I will ask him.’ Prithviraj liked the story when we narrated it and did not demand anything like, ‘I need a fight, I need a song,’ etc.. I wanted an actor like that.

It is not just Radhamohan who is all impressed with the young actor from Kerala. After watching the performance of Prithviraj in Mozhi, Rajnikanth picked up the phone and congratulated him, manners which our superstars lack. Producer Prakash Raj is impressed with Prithviraj that he has cast him the role Mohan Lal played in Tamil remake of Udayananu Tharam. Besides this Prithviraj is also acting in two other movies, Saththam Podathae and Kannamoochi Enada.

While our superstars could not establish themselves in Tamil, looks like Prithviraj is becoming the first bi-lingual success from Kerala. Long time back, Kamal Haasan’s film career as a hero materialised in Malayalam, later he went back to Tamil and became one of the reigning superstars. Would the history be repeating itself now?


  1. Saw Mozhi, one of the best Tamil movies seen in many years. Not even a single scene is there where you feel not fit in to the movie. Everyone is great, especially the 4 leading stars. Still movie going great in Chennai in all the screens and 8 weekend shows in Mayajal even at 5th week, which is quite great. Now coming to the tamil accent of Prithvi, it is simply great. How he managed is amazing, may be his raw talent takes him to different level a Lal remniscenet. His comedy timings are great, which we Mallus critisised in malayalam (They forget that he never acted in such a role) He proved he is great in Dialoge delevery, comedy. Tamilian simply loved this guy, only problem with the movie is that it did not satisfy the small town and Village viewers.

  2. Raphel, you seem to be a die hard fan of prithviraj. If he ever knows that you exist, he should be extremely happy to have you. Some times the way you write makes me feel that I am missing something, becoz after classmates I haven’t got a chance to watch any of his movies. Yes, even I felt many times there are certain mannerisms in prithvi which reminds me of mohanlal.

  3. Prithvi did very well in some Malayalam movies like Vasthavam ,Vargam and Pakal.But our media is not ready to accept him (or any other newcomer).He is talented and we need to support someone like Prithvi.

  4. What did or didn’t the media do? If people dont go to watch new comers what can media do. They cannopt keep on saying “he/she gave great performance, he/she gave great performance” when the viewers have abandoned the movie.

    People want to see the two superstars, media has to accept that. Moreover the superstars have good fan base who boost up their projects while Prithivi has only a few like you guys/gals.