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Vishu 2007 Preview : Big B

Mammootty continues with his Jekyl and Hyde behaviour. After the back to back releases of three ‘meaningful’ movies (Karutha Pakshigal, Palunku and Kaiyyoppu) he’s playing to the gallery. First Mayavi, which is doing a roaring business even now and now Big B.

Mary John Kurisingal is a teacher and a social worker. She has four adopted children. Though they come from four different religious backgrounds, all add the suffix John Kurisingal to their names. Bilal is one of the four children. He grows up to be a person with steely determination who fears nobody and nothing. One fine day Bilal leaves his home town of Kochi and moves to Mumbai, where he becomes the trusted body guard of underworld dons. After a time however, he decides to call it quits and return to Kochi. But what he finds on his return is not what he had expected. [Big B]

For Big B, Amal Neerad is donning director’s mantle. His background is in cinematography and was Ram Gopal Varma’s favourite cinematographer (He was the cameraman in movies like Shiva, Darna Zaroori hai and James). He was also the cinematographer for Ranjith’s Mammootty starrer Black. Amal wrote the story and screenplay as well. Going by Mammootty’s knack of giving break for talented new comers ( Lal Jose in Maravathoor Kanavu and Blessy in Kazhcha, Anwar Rasheed in Raja Manickyam) we are hopeful that Malayalam would get another talented director.

After Usha Uthup. it’s former Miss India Nafisa Ali’s turn to act as Mammootty’s mom (Incidentally, Nafisa Ali is 4 years younger than Mammootty). Mamtha Mohandas appears as female lead. Others in the cast include Manoj K Jayan, Innocent, Vijayaraghavan, Manianpilla Raju, Pasupathy, Sumit Naval, Vinayakan, Manasa, Lena, Bala.

A first time in Malayalam movies, Big B would be made in Digital Intermediate format. Big B is being touted as an action thriller, which is a rare occurence in Malayalam and it promises action, style, underworld and a designer mom.

PS: It’s as if some one disciplined a truant child, Mammotty’s next release would be another art house movie – Ore Kadal.

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  1. Let us talk a bit about this digital intermediate stuff. It is easy to see the hype while the best HD 24p (High Definition, 24 frames) resolution stand at 1920×1080 and 35mm film stock gives 4000×3000. Comparison is that simple, I am sure a whole lot of people disagree with me.

    When you project such low resolution image into a movie screen it wouldn’t look pretty neither it would be grainy. My point is the whole digital stuff is just a mechanism (a poor one now)for capturing image which has some cost advantage I guess. However most of the theaters in Kerala cannot do digital projection so it must still be converted into film. This is not Appachan’s Kuttichattan in 3D to amaze a generation of malayalees.

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  3. I was quite happy to see ”Big B”one of the best made thriller in malluwood .The film matches any RGV movie in its stylish shots and looks. If the film runs well ,then it will definitely change the production qualities of malayalam cinema. So film lovers, please feel free to get to make your opinions and project the movie, as such young thinking in shot composing and narration is definitely needed to bring up our cinema… other wise ,we will be definitely going around the same stuff of ”Gowder ”comedies, song and dance stuffs without any crux.
    Finally ,this is the movie that we can atleast show a filmfolk who regularly enjoys maniratnam, shankar,gautham menon and balaji shakthivel films from our neighboring state ,to make him feel the present day quality of our cinema.

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